HGH Pills: Human Growth Hormone Supplements & Capsules

If you've been experiencing low energy, memory loss, decreased muscle mass, and other signs of aging, your HGH levels may be declining [R].

Low levels of HGH may also make it harder for athletes and bodybuilders to build muscle and maintain exercise performance.

Fortunately, the strongest HGH supplements in the form of HGH pills and HGH drops are available to stimulate growth hormone production in your body.

What Are Human Growth Hormones Pills?

Growth hormone pills are a common type of HGH supplement in the market.

What most people don't know about these HGH supplements is that they don't contain the actual human growth hormone. Rather, they stimulate your anterior pituitary gland to increase the production of HGH.

Now, you might be asking: Why are good HGH levels so important?

Well, the human growth hormone is necessary for human growth and development. Good hormone levels facilitate proper cell reproduction, repair, and recovery.

In fact, injectable HGH in the form of somatropin is commonly used by doctors to treat serious medical conditions such as Turner's Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome, and chronic kidney disease.

In these cases, the Somatotropin supplement must be directly administered to make up for the deficiency in the body.

For the average person, though, a less potent human growth supplement is much safer, especially when your goals mainly concern general health and fitness.

As you get older, you may want a way to counteract common signs of aging, such as a weakened immune system, loss of energy and vitality, poor sleep quality, and memory loss. Customers with these problems report positive results while using just regular, over-the-counter HGH supplements.

On the other hand, professional bodybuilders and athletes want a way to reach their performance goals efficiently and effectively. Here, an HGH supplement may help support lean muscle growth, loss of fat, and quick recovery rates, so that they get the most out of their workouts.

For these concerns, HGH pills for sale are effective enough; plus, they minimize the side effects involved.

That's why you can never purchase anything with pure HGH without a prescription. Human growth hormone capsules are all "releasers" that boost hormone levels without risking your safety.

One thing worth noting, though, is that while many people have good reviews about these HGH products, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) states that currently, there isn't enough evidence to prove true HGH and over-the-counter HGH supplements are interchangeable.

Thus, be sure to seek medical advice from your doctor if you have any concerns regarding diagnosis or treatment. If you're on different medications, check first if you're allowed to take any supplements. These are not recommended for children either.

Generally, though, oral HGH is quite safe for average adults.

Oral Human Growth Hormone Supplements

If you want to increase your growth hormone levels production, which kind of HGH products should you be taking?

Check out my two recommendations below:

GenF20 Plus Tablets & Drops

For an all-around supplement with additional anti-aging effects, GenF20 Plus is a great choice.

Because this product comes in HGH tablets and drops, their combined force optimizes the levels of HGH your body produces via the pituitary gland.

The tablets are packed with amino acids and other natural ingredients such as L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, L-Glycine, Colostrum, and Anterior Pituitary Powder, while the drops contain Alpha GPC and other essential nutrients for your body.

These work hand-in-hand to increase your HGH, which, in turn, produces the following results: Increased strength, improved mental focus, stronger bones, lower insulin levels, and loss of body fat, among others.

I like that the pills are enteric-coated, as they're very effective with 80-90% absorption rates. While you can take these by themselves, it's best to supplement with the GenF20 drops, as the potent Alpha GPC content really boosts HGH production.

Additionally, its products are backed by data. Based on a double-blind clinical study, people who took the supplements increased IGF-1 levels in their body by 28%.

Since IGF-1 is directly related to the human growth hormone, this indicates that GenF20 Plus has effective results.

The brand recommends you take four tablets and two to three drops of the oral spray per day. Unlike other HGH supplements, you can take these anytime, so it's more convenient too.

Try out GenF20 Plus if your goals are weight loss, long-term health improvement, and anti-aging.

HGH-X2 Capsules

One of the best options for building muscle, this supplement is preferred by many men who want to bulk up, gain strength, and look better overall.

This HGH pill is one of the closest alternatives to injectable HGH, so you can be sure that you're getting a potent dose in each capsule. Unlike somatropin, though, it's approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for non-prescription use, so it's completely legal.

These HGH capsules contain Maca Root, Hawthorn Berry Extract, Mucuna Pruriens Extract, and L-Arginine, an amino acid known to increase HGH and testosterone hormone levels.

How do these ingredients work together to increase your body fat loss and give you the extra muscle mass you want?

First, they increase the HGH your body produces. L-Arginine, in particular, provides the protein your body needs too. These set the foundation for successful muscle gains—all you need now is a stimulant such as exercise to start the anabolic process [R].

The second half of the process is your workout. Maca Root increases your strength and endurance, while Mucuna Pruriens Extract boosts dopamine production for better focus. On the other hand, both Hawthorn Berry Extract and L-Arginine improve blood flow to the muscles in your body.

Since these help you perform better at the gym, your body will become more effective at gaining muscle mass as well.

Even if you get just a short-term energy boost, it'll be enough for you to work efficiently towards your goals. To get the best effects, you're supposed to take two capsules a day around 20 minutes before breakfast.

Clearly, HGH-X2 is a great choice for men who want to shed off body fat, perform better at the gym, and increase muscle mass.

Where to Get HGH Pills?

You can buy them over-the-counter at your local stores, direct from a trusted manufacturer, or through online retailers such as Amazon.

Since these affect your health and wellness, it's best to research thoroughly before making any purchases. Make sure you have all the necessary information on the product's usage directions, possible side effects, and formulation.

Don't just buy the cheapest option out there either; quality is most important, as you are putting these products into your body. If the ones I recommended are above your budget, you can always wait for an upcoming sale. It's always better to go with trusted and reliable supplements.

HGH vs. Steroids

Contrary to popular belief, HGH isn't a steroid—it's a natural hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. Meanwhile, anabolic steroids [R] are synthetic compounds that mimic the effects of testosterone in your body. These two are often used to help with gaining muscle.

However, while over-the-counter HGH is generally safe and can be used with minimal side effects, steroids can be very harmful, especially for regular people without hormone deficiencies.

Steroids are rarely prescribed by your doctor, except in cases of low testosterone or other medical conditions. In high doses, they could lead to heart and kidney problems, high blood pressure, and liver disease, among others. Using these without your physician's approval is highly dangerous and illegal.

Thus, I'd recommend taking HGH supplements instead, as these are both safe and effective. Remember, it's not worth sacrificing your overall health to achieve a certain aesthetic.


There are a variety of great products on the market to help you with your health and fitness goals.

With the right one, you'll be well on your way to a stronger and better-looking you!

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