Steroid Cycle Cost: The Real Price of Steroid Cycles

There are two costs to consider when starting a steroid cycle. These are the financial costs and the physical costs.

The financial costs can vary from location to location, but also based on the type you are using. The physical costs and benefits will also change depending on how you use these cycles.

Financial Cost

Overall, there are about 12 different steroid styles that you could follow. Each of them requires different amounts of steroids per day for a certain amount of weeks.

Steroid Cycle Cost

Because of this, the average price range will shift and vary depending on which cycle you have chosen.

For now, we will only discuss the average cost range and the two most commonly used steroid cycles - Testosterone and Bulking.

The Average Financial Cost Of A Steroid Cycle

On average, you can expect a price range of $30 to $100 per single container bulk package (normally between 50 and 200 capsules).

Most cycles last between 5 and 10 weeks and need you to take 1 to 5 capsules a day. This means that you’ll need between 35 and 350 tablets, depending on your chosen cycle. 

This could easily bump up your overall price range to around $50 to $300 per cycle.

Financial Cost Of The Testosterone Cycle

Testosterone steroid is one of the most commonly known styles of enhancer; however, it is also one of the most expensive. Many bodybuilders avoid this choice simply due to the high market price.

You can expect a price range of over $200 for injected testosterone or over $100 for capsules.

The injected versions are often more expensive due to their ability to bypass the liver, allowing more of the steroid to enter your bloodstream and take immediate effect. However, the capsules or pills have to be digested, taking longer.

The digestive system will also remove a lot of the testosterone from the capsules, as it detects poison.

Financial Cost Of The Bulking Cycle

Bodybuilders often use bulking cycles due to their immense increase to their size. However, because of the quick change in your body, they will also have harsh side effects.

Experts suggest only using a bulking cycle in short sessions. Ideally, you should be advanced in steroid cycles, too, so your body is strong enough to deal with the repercussions. 

Their prices range from $50 to $400 for around 90 capsules.

Although this price is high, remember that you shouldn’t be on these steroids for long. That means they will last longer throughout your bulking year.

Physical Cost

Physical Cost

All steroids, no matter the cycle, will have a physical toll. To avoid these struggles, be sure to follow the process correctly, and take steroid breaks.

Here are a few costs you can expect when overindulging:

Hair Loss

As the hormones pump through your body, they will disrupt the production of hair follicles. This results in hair loss.

Destroyed Brain Cells

Steroids can mess with your head. This doesn’t mean you’ll end up with brain damage, however you may find yourself becoming nauseated easily as your brain cells deteriorate. 

You can also expect violent mood swings from the hormone imbalance.


Just as your hair follicles become disrupted, your skin follicles will too. This, mixed with the hormone imbalance, will produce acne. 

Acne is when you get big spots that often hurt. They can be found anywhere on your skin.

Cold And Flu Increase

Steroids can make your white blood cells lower their production. This means that your immune system will be weaker.

A weaker immune system can easily lead to more colds, flu, and general infections.


Although you will be working on buffing up, you can expect your chest to become softer in response to the additional testosterone. 

This is sometimes referred to as “man-boobs.”

Raised Blood Pressure

A common side effect of steroids is increased blood pressure. If you feel dizzy or nauseous, you should contact your doctor.

Overindulgence in steroids can also lead to heart disease.

Liver Failure

If you use steroids too often, your liver will be working extra hard to reject the additional toxins.

Because of the additional strain, some users find themselves vomiting as a sign of liver failure.

Physical Benefits

Of course, it isn’t all bad news. Otherwise, no one would bother using steroids.

Steroids promote and mimic the same hormones found in the male sex. Most commonly, they mimic testosterone.

In the 1930s, research showed that anabolic steroids could help people grow skeletal muscles fast. This means that bulking up or bodybuilding can be achieved at a much quicker rate.

To get the most out of this drug without harming your body, you need to follow the proper cycles.


Cyclists will often take their doses for 6 to 16 weeks at a time, then for around 5 weeks after, they will take a lower dose or abstain from the drug entirely. This allows their body to rebalance and will put less pressure on their liver.

This method gives the cyclists the muscle strength to cycle faster, increase their tolerance, and reduce side effects.


Many bodybuilders balance the positives and negatives of steroids through a process called stacking. 

Stacking is when someone takes a dose through injection as well as orally. The idea is to get a bigger boost of the drug as they enter your bloodstream at different times.

Although there is no medical evidence to suggest this works, the concept is widely accepted in the bodybuilding community.


To summarize, the average cost of a single unit of steroid capsules is between $30 and $100. However, depending on which cycle you follow, this could end up costing you around $50 to $300 per round.

Of course, that only explained the financial costs. The physical costs can be much greater.

If you don’t follow the cycle you’ve chosen as strictly as you should, then you can develop a myriad of side effects.

These include but are not limited to - liver disease, heart disease, soft and sagging chest tissue, acne, hair loss, and mood swings.

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