Best Testosterone Booster for Women: What's the Best & How to Use?

Many of us think testosterone is primarily a male sex hormone, and most of us know that women's bodies generate a smaller amount of testosterone than men.

Does that mean women can't enjoy the advantages this male hormone can give men? NO.

Testosterone can also significantly influence women's health by helping with fat loss and muscle gain!

We list down the top 5 testosterone supplements that can greatly benefit women's overall health.

Best Testosterone Booster for Women: Top 5 Choices

Before we go through the list of top 5 testosterone booster supplements for women, make sure you do a short self-evaluation first.

Check if you have an active lifestyle and if your goal is to lose body fat and increase muscle mass by boosting testosterone levels.

testosterone for weight loss

You should also consider the amount taken since too much testosterone production may be harmful to the body.

Here are the 5 best testosterone booster supplements women can try:

TestoPrime - Best Testosterone Booster for Women Overall

TestoPrime effectively balances the primary sex hormone, making it good for your physical and mental health.

This natural testosterone supplement also helps ease the effects of hormone imbalance. You can worry less about your period and fatigue affecting your mood!

Since only natural ingredients were used to make this product, there's almost a guarantee that you won't suffer from any terrible side effects that synthetic chemicals have.

Being one of the most trusted brands in the market, TestoPrime can surely bring you the much-needed testosterone boost that will benefit your lifestyle.


  • A quicker weight loss that boosts metabolism
  • Experience less fatigue and more energy levels
  • Enhanced cognitive function and naturally boost your mood
  • Balances testosterone levels to aid in your menstruation and lessen period fatigue


  • An expensive but high-quality product

TestoFuel - Best Over the Counter Testosterone Booster for Muscle Gain

TestoFuel is a natural testosterone booster made out of the following organic ingredients:

  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Vitamin D
  • Oyster extract

These ingredients contain elements that are proven to help increase testosterone levels.

TestoFuel is one of the best testosterone boosters that can improve the balancing of the hormones, which results in consistent motivation and a better mood.

As much as possible, avoid consuming synthetic chemicals if you don't want your body to be subjected to danger. A natural testosterone booster like TestoFuel is always better.

Although TestoFuel is primarily a male product, it can still be effective for women.


  • Helps you build muscle mass
  • With muscle growth comes increased strength due to improved workout routines.
  • Naturally raise your mood


  • The product is still pricey

TestoGen - Best Testosterone Supplement for Improved Performance and Health

TestoGen is an effective T-level boosting supplement with all-natural vitamins and minerals.

TestoGen contains the following nutrients that encourage a natural testosterone boost:

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium

These nutrients work together to enhance normal testosterone levels and increase energy levels. Like other testosterone boosters, TestoGen is also good for women.

These natural ingredients help aid healthy testosterone levels, impacting the growth of muscle mass and giving you a better mood.


  • Shapes your body in an excellent way
  • Helps you become even more energized
  • Enhances the sex drive
  • Tones your muscles well and builds additional strength


  • The price is still expensive

TestRX - Best Natural Testosterone Booster for Females

A supplement used for bulking up muscle, TestRX is composed of natural ingredients that helps produce more testosterone and enhances physical performance.

Some of its ingredients include fenugreek seed extract, vitamin D, vitamin K2, and D-aspartic acid.

These ingredients have all been shown to aid in boosting testosterone levels, increasing muscle protein synthesis, and increasing energy and strength.

With a natural-ingredient formulation, rest assured that this product is safe and usable by women, not just men!


  • More muscular mass
  • Additional energy levels
  • Strength boosting effects
  • Boosts your sex drive
  • Helps you lose a couple of body fat


  • No apparent side effects
  • Requires consultation with a physician

Hunter Test - Best Testo Supplement for Enhancing Sex Drive, Energy, and Strength

With Hunter Test, you can expect improved mood, focus, and motivation, leading you to more effective muscle gains!

This premium product contains 180 capsules, and you have to take at least 6 every day. As an effect, your body will experience higher testosterone levels.

Hunter Test doesn't compromise on its quality standards and is proven to be effective.


  • Contains D-Aspartic Acid for 60% more testosterone
  • More buffed-up appearance
  • Controls weight gain
  • Enhanced sexual function and mood
  • High serving sizes
  • Boosts your confidence


  • A bit pricey, but the number of capsules is more than average

Testosterone in Women: Why Is Testosterone Important in Females?

Testosterone is not just a hormone solely for men. Women need this hormone just as much!

It can enhance a woman's energy, sexual function, and muscle growth.

These are some other benefits of increased testosterone levels for the ladies:

  • Additional stamina for the body
  • Keeps muscle mass into its usual shape
  • Adds up to the libido and sex hormone
  • Gears up the metabolism
  • Maintained clitoris sensitivity
  • Nourishes the cardiovascular system
  • Helps you gain self-confidence

As a female looking to enhance your body with the help of safe testosterone supplements, you can reap the benefits of what this hormone can do once you give it a try.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Consider if you are in a good state to take these booster supplements. Taking them at the right time is vital to their overall effectiveness.

When to Consider Testosterone Boosters?

As you reach your 30s, your body produces way less testosterone than when you were your adolescent age.

when to consider testosterone boosters

Taking these supplements makes up for the lack of hormones your body produces.

Most importantly, you must talk to your healthcare provider about what to do and how to navigate the entire testosterone-boosting process.

You should consider taking a testosterone-boosting supplement once your body starts to experience the following signs:

  • Decreased energy levels
  • Declining mood
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Weak muscle build and strength

The decline of testosterone production is just one of several issues people face as they age; that includes men AND women.

These testosterone supplements significantly help if you want to maintain a healthy body condition.

But first, you need to know exactly how these products work…

What Are Testosterone Boosters and How Do They Work?

A testosterone booster helps maintain the physical functions of your body by helping it boost the production of testosterone using natural ingredients.

These supplements do NOT artificially provide testosterone to the body through tablets.

As much as synthetic testosterone tablets were proven to level up the hormones, their safety and efficiency are yet to be dealt with through research.

That's why taking testosterone booster tablets is much safer than injecting testosterone directly into the body.

You need to carefully analyze the ingredients found in any hormone supplement you plan to take.

It helps to brush up on some knowledge on ingredients that may help your body's declining rate of testosterone levels.

Common Ingredients Found in Testosterone Boosting Formulas and Bulk Supplements

Since it's been a common trend for these supplements to go organic, it's still important to know more about how certain ingredients can affect the body.

common ingredients in testosterone boosters

Let's dive into a list of ingredients commonly found in testosterone-boosting supplements:


According to research, Ashwagandha, an Ayurvedic herb, is good for managing stress and anxiety.

Five grams of Ashwagandha a day for three months can also raise testosterone levels.

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid can release hormones in the brain, creating free testosterone levels. This is why this ingredient is popular in T-boosting!

It has also been shown to increase fertility and can play a role in ovulation in women. This just shows how effective this ingredient can be when it comes to healthy testosterone production.

Zinc to Boost Women's Testosterone Levels

Once zinc is infused in testosterone-raising supplements, it enhances sexual desire among women undergoing menopause.

Incorporating zinc into your dietary routine is simpler to maintain your hormonal levels.

Fenugreek Seed Extract to Raise Testosterone

Fenugreek seed extract can help cure hypogonadism symptoms, which affect sexual desire.

This natural ingredient is powerful enough as a remedy against many diseases. It now has also been useful in boosting low testosterone levels.

Ginger to Increase Free Testosterone

For thousands of years, ginger has been a source of medicinal wonders and is a beneficial multipurpose plant that provides numerous benefits.

Ginger also helps your testosterone levels, so you can simply make tea out of it to stay healthy.

Vitamins for Low Testosterone

Vitamin D and Zinc are two of the most evident in boosting growth hormones like testosterone.

There may be other nutrients that have shown to help increase testosterone, but they still need to be studied further by experts.

If these vitamins are present in your supplements, it's best to familiarize yourself with how to consume these T-level boosting supplements.

How to Use Testosterone Boosting Supplements?

Whichever supplement you choose, you must first talk to your doctor about the optimal dosages you have to take.

They can certainly guide you on what to look out for once you start taking these supplements.

However, the common ways to use these products are through tablets or injections, although taking the latter is not advisable.

Health Benefits of Using Testosterone Boosters for Women

Women can also enjoy the health benefits of added testosterone typically presented to men.

health benefits of using testosterone boosters

Here are the benefits that ladies can also reap from taking a supplement of testosterone:

  • Your Heart Is Healthier - Testosterone helps your bone marrow create red blood cells, and if there are low T-levels in your body, there's a higher risk of having cardiovascular diseases.
  • Physical Appearance Gets Better - With the help of regular exercise, you will have sub-benefits like better-looking muscles, more control over your weight, higher levels of energy, and sexual function being intensified. A person with increased testosterone in the body will most likely have a better sex drive!
  • Mood Levels Will Increase - Less testosterone may lead to worse mood swings, so a little boost of it may influence the betterment of your emotions. If your T-levels are raised well enough, it may alleviate chronic stress, irritability, and typical fatigue.

These are the commonly found improvements when taking supplements that increase your body's testosterone levels.

Although, you should also be aware of any side effects you might encounter when taking them.

Risks and Side Effects of Using Testosterone Boosters

There are a few supplements out there that have certain negative effects on the body, such as appetite loss and stomach discomfort.

You don't have to worry, though, as these side effects only occur when a person has a sensitive digestive system when taking some of those supplements.

As long as you stick to the recommended dosage of the brand, there will be lesser chances of encountering any side effects.

If you find taking supplements too risky, there are other ways to still boost your T-levels without taking tablets.

Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone in Women Without a Supplement

To get your hands on a supplement to boost T-levels in the body, you must be able to spend a lot of money.

natural ways to increase testosterone

If you're trying to save by opting for alternatives in raising your testosterone, these might be ways you can try:

  • Intermittent Fasting - This method has many advantages, including higher growth hormone production. By following a strict no-calorie diet for 24 hours, those hormones will surely rise compared to people eating daily.
  • Weight Lifting - Doing high-intensity interval training builds up your growth hormone levels, including testosterone. If you consistently follow this routine for 30 minutes to an hour, testosterone will significantly rise.
  • Adequate Sleep - Getting a good amount of sleep is the best way to maintain your overall health and reduce stress. They naturally aid your body in regulating growth hormones, especially testosterone.
  • Avoid Too Much Alcohol - Alcohol is second to fat when it comes to being a heavy energy source. As much as it's good to drink in moderation, too much of it will damage your plasma testosterone levels.

These are just some alternatives to raising your T-levels without necessarily taking supplements that are probably not good for your consumption.

You may have some questions, and we'll be happy to help you find the answers.

FAQs About Testosterone Boosters for Women

You may look into these questions that you may have regarding the intake of a testosterone-boosting supplement.

What Are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone in a Woman?

These are the following symptoms that can be seen in a woman with low testosterone:
- More body fat and increased weight gain
- Lesser muscle and bone mass
- Constant mood swings
- Exhaustion
- Decreased sex drive
- Body hair fall
If you have any of those symptoms, see a doctor and ask about how to boost your T-levels.

What Can a Woman Take for Low Testosterone?

If you're a woman with low T-levels and undergo chronic stress and the symptoms mentioned above, you need a boost in testosterone. You can choose among the best testosterone boosters we have listed here in this guide. They can help you regain the testosterone lost from your body and have more overall health benefits.

Is Testosterone Good for Menopause?

As a growth hormone, testosterone aids in sexual dysfunction, especially in women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder. This hormone is also great for Hormone Replacement Treatment for postmenopausal women due to surgery and those who went through early menopause.

What Happens When Females Take Testosterone Boosters?

Aside from the common benefits of taking testosterone for women like improved mood, bulked-up physique, and balanced health, taking testosterone still has its downsides. There might be mood fluctuations and fluid retention if proper exercise and diet, plus good sleep, are not practiced enough.

How Much Testosterone Booster Should a Woman Take?

For your testosterone levels to drastically increase, you have to take about six pills daily. However, you might want to consider how expensive this method might be. You can start with 237mg twice a day for one week. You can also change the dosage according to the doctor's orders.


Out of all the five products we listed and compared in this guide, these are the two products we've chosen as the best ones you should try out:

  • TestRX - This product can naturally boost the T-levels in your body without stressing out about the price of consuming this supplement.
  • Hunter Test - Even though this product is quite pricey, it's somehow worth it because of how many capsules you can get from each product bottle.

Remember, your chosen T-level booster product will only be effective if you avoid synthetic supplements and live a healthy lifestyle!

Start building a good routine and discipline FIRST with your diet and exercise habits, and only then can you reap the benefits from these products!

We hope this guide provided you with everything you needed to know about testosterone products that can be good for women.

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