Best Testosterone Booster for Type 2 Diabetes in Men: Top 3 Choices

If you have Type 2 diabetes, you will also likely have low testosterone levels. This twin problem won't help your general health, but you can fight back!

You can use testosterone boosters to increase your body's natural supply of testosterone safely. And you don't have to risk your health!

Top 3 Best Testosterone Boosters for Type 2 Diabetes in Men

Here are the best supplements to treat low testosterone!

Nugenix Men’s Daily Testosterone Multivitamin - A Safe Combination of Vitamins and Minerals to Boost Testosterone Production

Instead of looking into testosterone replacement therapy immediately, try Nugenix! This multivitamin is made with an all-natural blend of essential vitamins and minerals.

The manufacturers also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for their supplements. This is in case you haven't attained your desired results within the trial period.

This means you don't have to stay with the product if it's not working for you! You can pick it up here.


  • Very approachable recommended dosage
  • Available through Amazon or the official website
  • Full refund available within 30 days of sale


  • It cannot be paired with other test boosters
  • Not suitable for use by minors
  • It may take longer to get the best results

Prime Test - Best Natural Supplement for Endurance and Strength

It's common for aging men to have diminished insulin sensitivity. Prime Labs offers its Prime Test supplement as an alternative to testosterone replacement therapy.

A common symptom of low testosterone is difficulty building muscle mass. Prime Test will increase your body's production of the male sex hormone.

With test-boosting all-stars like Tongkat Ali and Boron, you'll be experiencing a healthier lifestyle in no time. You can pick it up here.


  • Affordable test booster
  • Free shipping with a large enough order
  • Completely safe for use


  • Uses some not-scientifically-verified ingredients
  • Dosage may be too low to be effective
  • Hides their formula

UMZU Testro-X - A Natural Formula To Promote Hormonal Balance and Stimulate Weight Loss

Testro-X is one of the most no-frills supplements out there. With only 9 ingredients, this test booster only packs the essentials!

Unfortunately, you can't find this in physical stores, but UMZU makes its items available online.

It's dairy-free but not completely vegan because of the capsule's material. Keep this in mind if you're on a strict diet! You can pick it up here.


  • Very generous money-back guarantee
  • No filler or artificial ingredients
  • Easy dosage instructions


  • A premium option
  • Recommended dosage may be too low
  • It can only be ordered online

What Is Testosterone and What Does It Do?

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone for males and determines their masculine characteristics like sexual function, bone density, and other signs of puberty.

For men who have Type 2 diabetes, testosterone also serves as an insulin sensitizer. This means that getting a testosterone boost will improve their insulin sensitivity.

Testosterone reduces adiposity or total body fat. It also increases skeletal muscle strength in both men and women.

Low levels of testosterone have many clear symptoms. Watch out for low libido and erectile dysfunction.

The Link Between Low Testosterone Levels and Diabetes

A study from Diabetes Care has provided the first definitive evidence that low testosterone levels are closely linked to Type 2 diabetes.

best testosterone booster for type 2 diabetes

If your insulin sensitivity has diminished significantly, you'll also experience lower amounts of free testosterone in your body.

It's also common for men with low testosterone levels to suffer from chronic kidney disease. These specific patient populations may also benefit from long-term testosterone treatment.

Heart disease is also a high possibility for people with diabetes. Their poor glycemic control can lead to hardened arteries and increased blood pressure.

How Can Diabetics Maintain Normal Testosterone Levels?

Maintaining normal levels of testosterone is essential for a healthy lifestyle. There are many ways to meet this.

Testosterone replacement therapy is a standard method to combat low testosterone levels. However, testosterone treatment must be a long-term affair for lasting effects.

how can diabetics maintain normal testosterone levels

An alternative to testosterone replacement is maintaining a healthy weight. Men with Type 2 diabetes will benefit significantly from less weight.

Another surefire method to keep your test levels up is regular exercise. Don't stay too sedentary and stick to a schedule of strength training.

Maintaining a healthy weight and sticking to regular physical activity will also improve sexual function in men!

How Do Testosterone Boosters Work?

Instead of getting a testosterone injection, you can try taking testosterone boosters instead. These are over-the-counter herbal supplements that will help increase skeletal muscle strength.

Test boosters stimulate your body's natural testosterone production with their ingredients. You'll benefit significantly from pairing them with a healthier lifestyle.

how do testosterone boosters work

Most often, test boosters are used as a legal means to speed up weight loss and muscle growth. This is common with bodybuilders and athletes who want to bulk up.

A test booster for men with Type 2 diabetes will also lead to improved glycemic control and reduced inflammatory mediators.

This means your body will no longer attack itself due to diabetes!

Benefits of T-Boosters - Results and Effects on Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Levels, Insulin Resistance, and Obesity

According to Dr. Paresh Dandona, there is definitive evidence that testosterone is an insulin sensitizer and hence a metabolic hormone (1).

Obese males are at a higher risk of testosterone deficiency than their lean peers. This is because of their greater amount of body weight and visceral fat.

benefits of t-boosters

Clinical endocrinology tells us that maintaining these risky health conditions will result in higher glucose levels.

Taking a test booster can perk up the body's major genes that help moderate glucose levels. It can also combat a diabetic's increased fat deposition, solving both problems simultaneously.

Combining this OTC testosterone treatment with healthier lifestyle choices can solve many health problems!

Are There Any Side Effects and Health Risks from Using Testosterone Boosting Supplements for Diabetics?

Unlike regular testosterone replacement therapy, test boosters don't have testosterone. All they have are test-boosting herbal ingredients.

any side effects and health risks from using testosterone boosting supplements for diabetics

This makes them safe for use among people with diabetes, unlike anabolic steroids. Using these synthetic hormones is risky and can result in unpleasant side effects.

Because of the natural ingredients within test boosters, you won't run into any side effects from taking them. But, you may experience allergic reactions to the ingredients used.

These include nausea, headaches, and some slight dizziness. To be safe, ask your doctor if your chosen test booster will react with your medicine.

With more of this metabolic hormone, your next blood test should have better results!


Learn more about diabetes and low testosterone levels here!

Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Affect Blood Sugar?

Testosterone is a metabolic hormone and a known insulin-sensitizing agent. This means that men who undergo testosterone therapy will see a dramatic increase in their body's ability to take in blood glucose. Men with low testosterone risk higher blood glucose, so going through testosterone therapy will improve their blood pressure.

Can I Take Testosterone with Metformin?

Metformin is another medication that's commonly used to treat Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes and low testosterone accompany one another, so treating both is tricky. Taking Metformin by itself will result in low testosterone. But, you'll see a significant improvement in your overall health by pairing it with testosterone treatment.

How Does Insulin Resistance Affect Testosterone Levels?

Men with increased insulin resistance also commonly have low testosterone. This means their bodies need to produce more insulin than normal. Men with Type 2 diabetes have "...lower levels of insulin signaling genes." Testosterone therapy is often used to combat this. More testosterone can also mediate insulin signaling.


If you have Type 2 diabetes, then Nugenix is the test booster for you. This multivitamin is produced in cGMP facilities and will kickstart your body's natural test production!

You can expect to get better sleep, improve your memory, and lose weight faster with this supplement.

However, take note that a testosterone booster won't necessarily reflect on your body immediately. Pair it with regular exercise and a healthy diet for the best results!

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