Top 5 Best Testosterone Booster PCT Supplements

Bodybuilders give their all to reach the pinnacle of the male physique. This often means taking anabolic steroids and pushing their bodies far past their natural testosterone levels.

Unfortunately, steroid cycles can damage the body's testosterone levels beyond repair. Staying on heavy cycles will ruin the body's natural testosterone production if not minimized.

This is where PCT comes in. Let's look at the best Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) testosterone boosters on the market. We'll review how a PCT cycle using these boosters can help regulate hormone levels.

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The Best Testosterone Booster PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) Supplements on the Market

These five testosterone boosters are candidates for the market's best Post Cycle Therapy supplement. They aid the body's natural hormone production while decreasing estrogen production.

TestoPrime - Best Testosterone Booster PCT Supplement Overall

TestoPrime has topped the list of the best testosterone-boosting supplements on the market. It's proven effective for thousands of users who swear by its effects.

Unlike the others on this list, TestoPrime is an over-the-counter supplement that requires no prescription. It's accessible through TestoPrime's official website, giving you the best value for your money.

TestoPrime promises to return male vitality and physical ability to you by raising your testosterone levels through the roof. It allows those on PCT to regain control of their hormones.

By using TestoPrime at the end of a cycle, athletes can continue making muscle gains while their body relearns how to make testosterone. They'll continue to adapt and evolve.


  • 12 all-natural, scientifically-backed ingredients
  • Produced in FDA-Approved, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facilities
  • Trusted by thousands of loyal users
  • Multi-month packages with video newsletters and fitness guides


  • Only available on their website
  • Requires multiple pills drank in 1 go

Rebirth PCT - Best Over the Counter PCT Supplement for Athletes

Athletes in strength-based sports like bodybuilding and Strongman are implicitly encouraged to take steroids, testosterone, and SARMS to give them an edge during competitions.

Taking huge dosages of PEDs will wreck their bodies. They need a PCT supplement to help them weather the fall-out of PED use. That's where Rebirth PCT excels: at restoring testosterone.

Rebirth PCT is an excellent test booster that uses all-natural ingredients to inhibit aromatase (block estrogen) and elevate testosterone. This allows the body to recover and balance its hormones.

Rebirth PCT is best used the day after you stop using PEDs for about 4-6 weeks. It will allow you to weather the testosterone crash and remain strong, sharp, and energetic.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Available for purchase online
  • Considered over-the-counter with no need for a prescription
  • It can be stacked with other supplements without issues


  • Requires 6 capsules a day

Clomid PCT (Clomiphene) - Best PCT Supplement for Testosterone Production

buy clomid pct online

Clomid is one of the two most common prescription drugs for boosting normal testosterone production, and for a good reason. It works. Clomid is a capable aromatase inhibitor.

This supplement brings a strong, consistent formulation that lowers estrogen and converts it into testosterone. It retrains the body to produce the right hormones and makes you strong and healthy again.

It will allow you to develop stronger muscles, maintain bone and joint strength, improve mood, and even improve mental clarity. It does this all by reintroducing testosterone.

The dosage and effectiveness of Clomid will depend on what your steroid stack was and how long you used it. It will be able to keep up and work well regardless of what steroids you used.


  • Potent fertility assistant
  • Fights off gyno (gynecomastia/man boobs)
  • The strongest formulation on the market
  • Widely used by thousands of enhanced individuals


  • Requires a prescription to buy
  • Can speed up prostate cancer development

Nolvadex PCT (Tamoxifen) - Best for Stimulating Testosterone Levels and Blocking Estrogen

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Nolvadex is the most widely-used and most effective PCT treatment available on the market. In some circles, it's considered more reliable and powerful.

Like other aromatase inhibitors on this list, Tamoxifen is used primarily for stopping the development of cancer in women and helping men who are going off cycle to lower estrogen.

Nolvadex prevents estrogen binding throughout the entire body. It encourages the luteinizing hormone and glands to return to producing testosterone, giving you results.

When used correctly, Nolvadex effectively cuts back on the women's hormone, allowing testosterone and you to return to its former glory. It will improve your overall health.


  • Effective estrogen antagonist
  • Prevents gyno from developing on cycle
  • Stackable with Clomid
  • Capably stimulates testosterone creation


  • Can cause nausea, headache, muscle aches, and low libido in men

Arimidex - Best for Controlling the Levels of Estrogen

buy arimidex online

Arimidex Aromatase inhibitors are designed to decrease estrogen in females, allowing them to prevent breast cancer from forming. It also works well in males who are coming off of PEDs.

Arimidex allows PED users, whose bodies got used to synthetic testosterone, to remember how to convert estrogen into testosterone naturally. It brings hormones back in sync.

Using Arimidex, bodybuilders and other athletes can hit two birds with one stone. They can decrease estrogen, which increases testosterone and improves hormonal balance.

This leads to improved mood, better muscular development, and the return of normal hormone levels.


  • Can be taken with or without food
  • Low daily dosage
  • The generic version is cheap and accessible


  • Can cause night flashes and headaches

What Are Testosterone Booster PCT Supplements?

Testosterone boosters are supplements designed to increase free testosterone levels by exciting the luteinizing hormone. This reduces cortisol levels and improves muscle gains.

what are testosterone booster pct supplements.

A testosterone booster is also a PCT supplement if it is designed to reduce estrogen. Estrogen blockers are needed when going off prohormone cycles because the body forgets how to undergo normal testosterone production.

It is important to use a powerful estrogen blocker for a few weeks to prevent mood swings and even breast cancer. Estrogen reduction also encourages normal testosterone levels to return.

This, in turn, helps fight off muscle loss and acts as a libido booster. Coming off of steroids is also vital to maintaining liver function and ensuring the natural production of testosterone.

By removing synthetic testosterone, inhibiting natural estrogen, and replacing both with normal testosterone, an athlete can lengthen their career without damaging their health long-term.

How Do Testosterone Booster PCT Supplements Work in the Body?

When used for Post Cycle Therapy, a testosterone-boosting supplement can use its all-natural ingredients to encourage the body to produce more testosterone and lower estrogen levels.

After an anabolic cycle, the person's body cannot maintain normal hormone levels. The natural production of testosterone stops, which is why they need to use a powerful estrogen blocker to help with estrogen reduction.

A good Post Cycle Therapy supplement should be able to get the body's free testosterone back to where it was before the steroid cycle. This also means lowering estrogen levels.

When used correctly, a person can go off their prohormone cycle and move to post-cycle therapy to rebuild their natural testosterone and continue enjoying the benefits of high testosterone.

What Are the Health Benefits of Using Testosterone Booster PCT Supplements?

Testosterone-boosting PCT supplements can encourage the body to raise testosterone levels naturally. This means the body has more free testosterone, which can be used to maintain bodily functions.

health benefits of using testosterone booster pct supplements

A good test booster has all-natural ingredients like milk thistle, which strengthen bones and muscles. They encourage muscle development while increasing sex drive and sperm quality and count.

Using an estrogen blocker is also an effective way of improving mood and mental health. It helps fend off gynecomastia (man boobs), a tell-tale sign of steroid abuse, and regulates hormones.

Undergoing Post Cycle Therapy allows the body to be weaned off anabolics without losing mass or metabolism. It gives the liver and kidneys time to heal and recover from steroid abuse.

What Are the Risks and Potential Side Effects of Taking Testosterone Booster PCT Supplements?

The best thing about using Post Cycle Therapy test boosters is that they are natural and less risky to take than a prohormone cycle. They have negligible side effects.

Still, it is best to look for certain negative effects such as nausea, headaches, allergic reactions to some ingredients, and even blood pressure issues. These are temporary and should pass quickly.

PCT supplements pose other risks depending on the sex of the user. The chances of cancer occurring in women are reduced by PCT supplements, while it can increase in males.

It is best to avoid steroid cycles or testosterone supplements if they conflict with your prescription medication. If they affect you negatively, you must stop taking them immediately.

What Are the Different Types of Testosterone Booster PCT Supplements?

A good testosterone booster can do it all. However, a test booster used for Post Cycle Therapy needs to do two things: increase natural testosterone and decrease estrogen post-cycle.

different types of testosterone booster pct supplements

You can choose a testosterone supplement that does one better than the other. It is better to take an estrogen blocker early in Post Cycle Therapy, within the first few weeks.

Once your body remembers how to turn estrogen into testosterone, it is time to increase your testosterone post-cycle. This allows you to improve your energy, mood, and physique development.

It is best to choose a testosterone supplement that works for both objectives. If not, it should be stackable with formulas focusing on accomplishing certain physical and hormone-regulating goals.

How to Use Testosterone Booster PCT Supplements for the Best Results (Time and Dosage)?

On average, Post Cycle Therapy test boosters come in pill form. They are meant to be taken daily at around 4 pills a day. They are either taken 20 minutes before breakfast or 2 in the morning and 2 at night.

It is best to follow the dosage instructions on your chosen supplement. Certain Post Cycle Therapy treatments require different dosages depending on the day.

They will be able to increase your free testosterone levels at least a month after taking them. It is best to take them daily for around 6 months to achieve full results.

How to Choose the Right Testosterone Booster PCT Supplement?

Post Cycle Therapy is a science that requires intimate knowledge of your physiology and biochemistry. There are plenty of factors that determine which post-cycle test booster works for you.

how to choose the right testosterone booster pct supplement

The first thing to consider is the makeup of your previous anabolic stack. If you were jabbing every steroid under the sun, a normal testosterone dosage might not be enough post-cycle.

You will also need to consider the length of your post-cycle therapy. This will determine whether you should use an estrogen blocker or stick to testosterone booster supplements.

You will also need to consider the formulation of the supplement. Your post-cycle objective should restore hormone equilibrium, strengthen your bones and joints, and absorb more nutrients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some burning questions about using testosterone boosters during Post Cycle Therapy.

We'll review how the natural production of testosterone occurs after a prohormone cycle. We'll also look at why you would need to do Post Cycle Therapy in the first place.

Can You Use Testosterone Boosters as a PCT, and What Is the Best Post Cycle Therapy Testosterone Booster?

Testosterone-boosting supplements, like Rebirth, are useful for PCT because they use natural ingredients to remind the body of how to produce testosterone naturally. However, over-the-counter testosterone supplements may not be powerful enough to reverse synthetic testosterone's damage to the body's ability to produce hormones.

What Is the Best Testosterone Booster after the Steroid Cycle?

TestoPrime is the best testosterone supplement for bodybuilders exiting an anabolic cycle. It allows them to maintain the physique they've worked so hard to achieve while giving their body a break from all the synthetic chemicals. It encourages the body to produce testosterone, naturally improving overall physical health.

Is Nolvadex a Good PCT?

Nolvadex is a supplement designed primarily for Post Cycle Therapy as it is a SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator). Nolvadex is designed to reduce the ability of estrogen to bind and spread. This, in turn, encourages the body to produce more testosterone in its place. This makes it excellent for replacing lost testosterone.

Does PCT Increase Testosterone, and How Long Should a PCT Last?

PCT is a protocol designed to train the body to stop relying on anabolics for testosterone and go back to producing its own. A PCT is done for 4-8 weeks, though it can extend for as long as the anabolic steroids stay in the users' systems. A PCT is meant to raise testosterone naturally.

What Are Natural Post-cycle Therapy Supplements?

Rebirth PCT, Clomid PCT, and Nolvadex are excellent supplements for the Post Cycle Therapy process. They are prescription drugs designed to bring your hormone levels under control despite the heavy steroid abuse you've put your body through. They are powerful estrogen blockers made of all-natural ingredients.

What’s the Cost of PCT Supplements, and Do They Come with a Trial Period?

PCT supplements can cost the same as over-the-counter testosterone supplements at $59.99 - 69.99. However, supplements like Clomid PCT vary greatly in price depending on where you're buying. Whether you buy generic or branded, they can be cheaper or more expensive. They do not come with a trial period and need a prescription to buy.

Can PCT Supplements Help You Regulate Hormones and Build Muscle Mass?

Abusing steroids and PEDs cause the body to rely on synthetic testosterone. The only way to encourage it to produce testosterone naturally again is to encourage the body's glands to use supplements. PCT supplements are thus essential for regulating hormones. Lowering estrogen and increasing testosterone helps you pack on the muscle.

Will My Natural Testosterone Come Back after Steroids, and How Long Does It Take for Natural Testosterone to Come Back after Steroids?

The good news is that it can restore testosterone to pre-cycle levels after going off steroids. Unfortunately, it will take about 4 months to restore testosterone to its natural state. This is why it is important to undergo PCT and not stop supplementation cold turkey after abusing steroids. You will need supplements to help you recover.


A good Post Cycle Therapy supplement like TestoPrime or Rebirth PCT will allow men to increase their natural testosterone levels that were crushed while on steroids.

Top 5 Best Testosterone Booster PCT Supplements 1

You must look for a PCT supplement that does two things: decrease estrogen and elevate testosterone levels.

Bodybuilders must undergo post-cycle therapy to improve kidney function and liver health. They must restore the body's ability to produce testosterone to ensure overall health

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