GenF20 Plus Reviews: Bodybuilding Benefits & Side Effects

Our GenF20 Plus review sums up everything you need to know about this powerful HGH supplement.

What is GenF20 Plus?

As we age, our bodies produce less human growth hormone. Decreased HGH levels are responsible for lethargy, lost muscle mass, weight gain, low libido, and an overall older appearance.

But this reality doesn’t have to become your new normal as the years roll onward. Adding in a supplement that helps boost your body's naturally occurring growth hormones is a way to counteract the aging process.

GenF20 Plus is one of the best natural HGH supplements on the market today. Its comprehensive ingredients list pulls from both Eastern and Western medicine to bring together the ultimate anti-aging product.

We've put together one of the most comprehensive reviews of GenF20 Plus to help determine if this is the right choice for you.

Benefits & Results

GenF20 Plus works by returning your body's hormone levels to those from your youth. As that happens, you'll experience the many benefits that come from living in a younger physique.

Specifically, people who take this report the following:

  • They find it easier to maintain weight loss and increase existing muscle mass.
  • People who spent many years catching every single bug find themselves with a boosted immune system.
  • Wrinkly, saggy, or discolored skin become problems of the past.
  • An increased sex drive becomes the new normal.


Often, a long ingredients list is negative. In the case of GenF20 Plus, however, the long list of included products is excellent news. They use a proprietary blend of 16 powerhouse ingredients known for their anti-aging and other health benefits.

Many of the ingredients come from Eastern or Asian medicine. These practices are known for their unique and successful tools to combat the aging process.

  • Astragalus root is an immune booster that stimulates the pituitary gland. There, it triggers new human growth hormone production and increased energy levels [R].
  • Deer antler velvet provides energy and stamina, both in the bedroom and daily life. With this, you'll find your endurance levels from years ago beginning to return.

Then, the formula increases your levels of hormones and amino acids already at work within your body.

  • GTF chromium keeps your metabolism and energy levels high by maintaining proper glucose and insulin levels.
  • Gamma-aminobutyric acid is a neurotransmitter that keeps your nervous system functioning and encourages the release of HGH.
  • L-glutamine is an amino acid that balances your stress hormones and increases your potential for cell repair and muscle growth.
  • Colostrum reverses the aging process by improving your body's ability to heal, replenishing deteriorating bone density, and enabling fast recovery and natural healing.
  • L-arginine and L-glycine trigger extra HGH production.

The other ingredients on the list have related benefits to those above. They all work together to provide a potent way to counteract the effects of aging.


GenF20 Plus comes in two forms: pills and a sublingual spray. Both are equally effective. This choice allows you to use the product in the most convenient way for you.

If you decide to swallow capsules, take two twice a day. You can take the supplement with food, so most people take two coated pills at breakfast and two with dinner.

The oral spray uses three squirts for every capsule. The total recommended dose is three sprays under the tongue twice daily, for a total of 6. Again, most people connect their treatment with their first and last meals.

Side Effects

Supplements with a ton of artificial or lab-engineered ingredients have more potential issues and side effects. GenF20 is all-natural with ingredients your body already knows how to use. Plus, it stimulates your body to undergo its natural processes instead of forcing something new or different into it.

There are no known side effects to GenF20 Plus. Of course, it's always best to run the supplement by your medical professional before use, just in case.

Where to Buy GenF20 Plus for Bodybuilding?

The only place to buy GenF20 Plus is through the official website. They have options for purchasing anywhere from one month to six months of product at one time. There is a discount per bottle the more you order together.

While it may seem inconvenient that you can only purchase this supplement directly through the official website, it’s actually a positive thing. Third-party buying sites don't have the same levels of quality control or customer service as the manufacturer. When you order directly from the manufacturer, you don't have to worry about safety or a potential scam.

Money-Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

You can try this HGH releaser risk-free for two full months, or 67 days from your purchase. This generous return policy gives you plenty of time to see results and know for sure if this is the supplement for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your questions answered.

Is GenF20 Plus Legal?

The use of human growth hormones has lots of stigma and questions around legality. Before 1994, these substances were not legal for everyone to use. However, after that year, the ban was lifted. The FDA now permits all HGH products.

Even if the ban were still in effect, this would always be legal. Remember, this is not an HGH supplement that actually contains HGH, it only boosts it. It is not adding those hormones to your body.

Human bodies naturally produce human growth hormone. As we age, those levels decrease. This supplement encourages your body to make high levels of HGH on its own, regardless of your phase in life. The use of this legal supplement keeps you youthful and feeling great.

When Should I Take GenF20 Plus?

Most people need to augment their growth hormones once they pass 30. That's when our bodies begin to slow down.

Keeping your youth agents high will decelerate the aging process. The sooner you begin to focus on your growth hormone levels, the better results you’ll see.

It's much easier to reverse issues that haven't been going on as long. Once forward momentum downhill begins, it's harder to stop.

Individuals under 18 years old or with existing medical conditions should not take this or any other supplement without first talking with their doctor.

Does It Really Work?

With consistent use, most people experience at least some benefits. They have more energy, an improved sex life, less joint pain, or an easier time putting on muscle. With all-natural ingredients and no known side effects, it's a safe and effective way to maintain your youth.

Most natural supplements take time to reach peak results. The manufacturer recommends using it for at least two months before deciding if GenF20 Plus works for you. Many users noted that while they saw some improvements early on, they didn't reach the ultimate level of benefits until five or six months.


If you're looking for a quality supplement that will make you feel as if you're in your 20s again, then consider this supplement. It is safe, legal, and works as promised.

The unique blend of natural ingredients from Eastern and Western medicine comes together to fight low energy, weight gain, low muscle mass, low libido, a weakened immune system, and changes in appearance due to age.

While these are common effects of getting older, they don’t have to be permanent thanks to GenF20 Plus.