SR9011 Review 2024: Benefits, Side Effects, & Where to Buy

Besides SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) and other body-enhancing compounds, Rev-Erba agonists gain popularity in the market.

SR9011 is classified as a Rev-erbα agonist as it binds with Rev-Erba protein to improve the body’s activities, such as producing vital energy.

Taking SR9011 has many benefits as Rev-Erba protein can be found in our muscle, liver, skeleton, and fat tissue.

Take the time to read this review of SR9011 for you to have in-depth knowledge about SR9011’s mechanism of action, benefits, effects, dosages, and potential stack combination. We’ve also prepared some FAQs in this article for further information.

What is SR9011?

Professor Thomas Burris of Scripps initially created SR9011 as a science and research drug.

It was then sold along SARM and some research chemicals to provide consumers with a possible physical change and strength.

Using SR9011 in a few months allows one to gain extreme physique transformation as it helps in rapidly losing fat.

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As its nature as a Rev-Erba agonist binds with Rev-Erba receptors, it allows the activation of the body’s improved metabolic rate, enhanced energy consumption, and increased endurance for heart, muscle, and blood circulation.

How Does SR9011 Work as Rev-Erba Agonist?

SR9011 has a short half-life and once taken, it is similar to SR9009 and Cardarine, which immediately seek and bind to Rev-Erba protein receptors of the body for energy production.

An example of this is metabolism and mitochondria which generate power for the biochemical reactions of the cells.

how does sr9011 work as rev -rba agonist

Rev-erb nuclear receptors are known to stabilize circadian rhythms by mimicking the brain and muscle core clock genes. It disrupts the circadian rhythm through altered intracellular clock machinery in a mice study.

In the mice trials, SR9011 altered the gene expression and disrupted the circadian rhythm and mice behavior, leading to the study’s conclusion of SR9011’s possibility of treating metabolic diseases.

One of its metabolism processes is that Rev-Erba protein monitors blood sugar levels and body fat. It digests sugar to provide cell power and breaks down cartilage for joint and tissue nutrition.

SR9011 drug signals to this protein receptor to maximize its power store use, and provide increased endurance and fat loss capacity with effects of shredding 10 to 15 pounds of fat in a 2 to 3-month cycle.

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Effects and Benefits

SR9011 compound is known to provide the following benefits.

sr9011 effects benefits
  • Lowered body fat
  • Increased endurance
  • Improved recovery time
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Lowered anxiety
  • Improved focus
  • Decreased harmful LDL cholesterol levels
  • Increased wakefulness

Studies found SR9011 to prevent anxiety and promote the general well-being of its users without the addiction outcome.

A clinical study with human trials also reported patients to have lower bad LDL cholesterol levels without the need for exercise or diet changes.

Using SR9011 also negatively affects the cells’ inflammation production. It could prevent inflammation in your body.

Dosage and How to Take

As there is a lack of studies for the proper SR9011 dosage for human intake, the anecdotal claims of the majority of SR9011 users recommend an intake of 20 mg per day.

Newbies are advised to begin with a 10 mg dosage and increase once they are comfortable with it. More experienced users start at 20 mg without experiencing side effects. Advanced users take up to 30 mg per day.

Using SR9011 compound should be not more than two months as the benefits will deteriorate.

As SR9011 is non-suppressive of the hormones in your body, a post-cycle therapy is not recommended.

SR9011’s benefits could be maximized if combined in a stack with SARMs and other compounds for the bulking and cutting cycle.

Bulking Stack

You can avoid a fat spillover during a lean bulk cycle by pairing SR9011 (20 mg) with a SARM like Ligandrol (20 mg) and with MK677 (25 mg) per day.

This stack combination can retain most of your lean muscle mass gains.

Cutting Stack

SR9011 Rev-erb is a great compound to use for the loss of fatty acids. SR-9011 (20 mg) can be combined per day with RAD 140 (15 mg) or Ostarine (25 mg).

Experimenting with different stack combinations in extra SR9011 dosage without further studies or research of other users’ reviews might lead to adverse consequences.

Side Effects

As wakefulness is one of its benefits, some users also treat this as an adverse effect, although most users swear they don’t experience harmful results.

sr9011 side effects

As SR9011 compound is not yet FDA-approved, there are no other known potential short-term or long-term side effects of SR9011. This makes SR9011 to be the safer choice among all Rev-erbs.

One edge of the SR9011 compound over SARMs and other compounds is that it is non-hormonal. It doesn’t impact testosterone’s natural production and thus does not require a post cycle therapy (PCT).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)+

This article also highlights some FAQs for the SR9011 compound to be well-understood.

Is SR9011 legal?

You can legally buy an SR9011 compound in any country around the world except Australia.
This compound is also banned in the Olympics, and most sports globally due to the competitive edge, athletes get from SR9011.
The FDA disapproved SR9011 for human consumption, but you can get it through its label as a research chemical.

What is the half-life of SR9011?

There is online misinformation that the metabolism of SR9011 is fast, stating that it will go out of your system 30 minutes after you get it in.
Through human clinical studies, science has proven that the half-life of the SR9011 compound is 4 hours, and metabolizes accordingly.
Users who use 15 mg dosage per day can take 5 mg separately three times to make it last 12 hours.

Where Can You Buy SR9011?

You can buy SR9011 from the most trusted chemical compounds vendor, which is Chemyo.

This product from Chemyo is shipped the same day of order from the United States. Some of their manufacturers are based in China, Europe, and America.

Chemyo promotes its high-quality products through third-party testing with transparent lab reports, and offers a money-back guarantee, secure ordering, and easy returns policies.

You might want to check as well Chemyo’s high customer satisfaction ratings through reviews from similar sites.

SR9011 vs. SR9009 Rev Erb Agonists: Which is Better?

SR9011 is a close cousin of SR9009 SARM. The effect of SR9009 in binding to Rev-Erba receptors is the same as SR9011.

Both have the same results, mechanism of action, and potential side effects.

The two results in muscle build-up, increased wakefulness, decreased anxiety, lowered required recovery time, and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Once used, the edge of SR9011 over SR9009 is that it has much better bioavailability. It has more use and more effective in doing all the mentioned results as it is intentionally developed out of SR9009.


The SR9011 results are an effective increase in one’s energy processes and proper implementation of its role as a Rev-erb agonist. It makes its user achieve a higher metabolism rate and mitochondria.

Intake of SR9011 results in increased muscle mass, endurance, and recovery time. It lowers body fat and bad cholesterol. It is anti-inflammatory and decreases anxiety.

SR9011 is a much better compound than SR9009 due to its higher bioavailability.

Although using SR9011 as a Rev-erb agonist is a new practice in the market and it is not FDA approved, SR9011 enthusiasts can purchase it legally from trusted vendors like Chemyo.

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