S23 SARM Review: Benefits, Uses, & Side Effects

S23 is one of the strongest SARMs on the market. SARM is known as a selective androgen receptor that works like steroids but without the harmful side effects. SARMs only target specific muscle, bone, and joint androgen receptors.

Some users claim that S23 is comparable with some superior SARMs like LGD 4033 and RAD 140, both known for improved strength, stamina, and increased lean muscle mass.

S23 SARM enthusiasts claim S23 to have the same effects. It is good as well in providing bulking and cutting results.

This article will help you learn more about S23, its mechanism of action, muscle mass results, other benefits, dosage, drug administration, possible side effects, and other things to expect.

What is S23 SARM?

The famous pharmaceutical company GTX produces S23 SARM. It was the modified version of the selective androgen receptor modulator called C-6.

Research shows that S23 SARMs results are rapidly increased lean muscle mass and burned body fat with minimal side effects.

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Another surprising feature of S23 SARM is its potential for male birth control. Studies show that it reduces sperm count drastically only when users are taking S23.

Clinical research results in rats show 100% infertility in all trials. These results in rats are temporary and may be reversed after stopping the use of this supplement.

How Does S23 Work?

S23 SARM works well like steroids and mimics testosterone, interacts with the androgen receptor of the skeletal muscle tissue, and doesn’t signal other androgen receptors in the brain.

how does s23 work

One would get S23 to be working right after intake. It would bind with androgen receptors and signals the body to increase muscle growth and promote bone health.

Its half-life is around 12 hours. It has fast-acting effects that users would receive 10 to 15 pounds of muscle gains after a single cycle.

As for its male birth control effects, its intake results in testosterone suppression. It specifically targets the luteinizing and follicle hormones that stimulate the testes’ production of sperm.

This suppression has the strength to lower the sperm count, but users might get adverse effects after a few administrations. Scientists recommend S23 to be safe to use as a contraceptive measure.

Like any other SARMs, there is no clinical research or studies of this supplement in humans. It does not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent human diseases as it is not yet approved for human use. SARMs are intended for research purposes only, and that’s how it is being circulated in the market.

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Lean Muscle Mass and Other Benefits of S23

S23 SARMs primarily increase lean muscle mass and bone strength without the addition of water or fat weight.

This is also the difference between S23 and steroids. Water and fats are retained with steroids, and some muscles swell due to increased estrogen.

lean muscle mass and other benefits of s23

S23 promotes bone mineralization, making the bone stronger, increasing the body’s structural support for muscle tissue while it rapidly improves muscle growth and physical strength.

The supplement also works in preventing muscle loss while promoting fat loss. Most SARMs have temporary muscle mass gains as it is not pure lean muscle due to the added fat gains. These SARMs help the body lose fat and prevent muscle wasting as it gains and maintains muscle weight.

S23 SARMs also help in lowering cholesterol in your body. It keeps the heart healthy through reduced triglycerides and lowered bad LDL cholesterol in the blood, unlike steroids that make the opposite.

As studies show, testosterone affects sex hormones. S23 also has the potential to increase sexual motivation in women, like in men. Other reviews recommend it specifically for women who go through the menopausal period.

Dosage and How to Use

Bodybuilders recommend specific dosages and usage in using S23. An S23 dosage is ranging from 10 mg per day up to 30 mg per day.

Most people have used it for up to 8 weeks as part of their cutting cycles. S23 SARM is well suited for cutting cycles as it helps you when you are in a calorie deficit by preventing muscle wasting.

Its half-life is 12 hours. Users usually recommend others to split their doses into two, one in the morning and one in the evening. This process makes the benefits, dosage, and the supplement’s spread to be constant in the body.

It is not advisable to use an S23 dosage higher than the 30 mg per day dose as it will decrease the benefits.

As a beginner, one can get S23 and start with a lower dose in the first cycle to check how the body would react. After a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT), one may start a stronger dosage per day in the next cycles.

S23 SARMs can be stacked daily with other SARMs for cutting or bulking cycles. S23 (25 mg) can be combined with Ostarine (25 mg) and Cardarine (10 mg) daily for losing weight effectively while maintaining muscle mass. Andarine is also a good combination with S23.

For bulking purposes, S23 (15 mg) can be stacked daily with LGD 4033 (20 mg) and Ibutamoren (25 mg). S23 is also compatible with RAD 140. Either of these combinations will increase one’s gains during a full 8 weeks S23 SARM cycle.

Side Effects

S23 has fewer side effects than its steroid alternatives. The following are temporary effects of using S23: back and facial acne, darker urine, faster hair loss, increased aggression, and testosterone suppression.

s23 side effects

Hair loss is outlined as a side effect as a hormonal imbalance may result when you take S23.

One is recommended to seek medical advice if a user experiences serious adverse effects from taking S23.

One study in rats shows that testosterone suppression resulted in the reduced size of the testicle and prostate. Once the use was stopped, the size of the testicle normalized but not the prostate. This process has not been tested with humans, and thus it requires further evidence.

Another side effect is that it can deplete the testosterone in the body. It then requires a PCT cycle to promote natural testosterone levels, but it does not lead to as many adverse side effects as anabolic steroids do.

As S23 is generally merchandised for research purposes only, it is still an unapproved drug. That’s why we recommend users to purchase from only trusted vendors with high customer satisfaction ratings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have prepared a few FAQs to help you answer some questions regarding S23 SARM that need further details.

Does S23 Need a Post Cycle Therapy?

S23 works by depleting testosterone. Thus it is a requirement for users to undergo Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).
Users take PCT such as Clomid or Nolvadex to restore hormones like natural testosterone. This is also recommended to avoid testosterone from completely shutting down.
A full PCT cycle usually takes up to 4 weeks before you can start another cycle.
As this supplement’s intake also increases a small chance of having gynecomastia, a PCT can lower the odds combined with a good cycle.
The PCT process can also help preserve muscle gains from S23 before and after another cycle.

S23 vs. LGD: Which is Better?

Most users claim that S23 is comparable with powerful SARMs like Ostarine and LGD 4033, but some swear that S23 would beat both in terms of muscle building.
Both have a similar binding strength of androgen receptors.
LGD 4033 is a good SARM for beginners, and S23 SARM is classified for more experienced users like bodybuilders.
In terms of safety, LGD is safer and has fewer effects than S23 SARM.

What Can You Expect From an S23 Cycle?

The expected benefits of a cycle are muscle building, fat loss, and increased stamina and bone strength.
If you consistently take S23 SARM, you may expect at least a couple of lean muscle mass gains. This still depends on your dosage, cycle length, gene, and efforts.
You will immediately notice real muscle mass and not just a glycogen store or water weight. This lean muscle will continue to build up to 6 to 8 weeks of S23 cycle with users to take an optimal of 20 mg per day.
You may also expect an increase in your bone density, which is highly beneficial in protecting your bones from damage or stress caused by heavy lifting.


S23 is an effective SARM with the benefits of rapidly increasing muscle growth without wasting. It preserves your lean muscle on a cutting cycle and improves fat loss during a bulking cycle.

Some of its known benefits are lowing cholesterol in the body and can be a male contraceptive, but this needs further studies.

It also promotes bone health with manageable side effects if taken within the recommended dosage.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is required for one to take full advantage of its benefits.

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