SR9009 (Stenabolic) Review 2024: Benefits, Side Effects, & Dosage

SR9009 (Stenabolic) is often marketed as a SARMs research compound because of its reputation in building lean muscles.

But the truth is, Stenabolic is not a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator but a Rev-ErbA ligand or an antagonist of Rev-ErbA.

It is used in bodybuilding as it is known to give effects that can improve muscle gains.

Let’s dive into this analysis of SR9009 to find out more about how this supplement works.

What Is SR9009?

SR9009 is a molecule that binds itself to the Rev-Erb protein, enhancing our body’s activity. The Rev-Erb protein is mostly found in our liver, muscles, and skeletal muscles.

Thomas Buris created the SR9009 Stenabolic drug. He discovered that when ligand molecules are in action, it can decrease the blood cholesterol levels while accelerating metabolism. In effect, weight loss is improved.

Aside from the significant fat loss, studies have shown that it can improve cardiovascular health and increase endurance, which makes it a perfect addition to the perfect SARM.

EffectsIncreased endurance, increased cardiovascular health, reduce anxiety and muscle inflammation
Potential Side EffectsHeadaches, water retention
Half-Life4 - 6 hours
Common Dosage10 - 40 mg daily
Money Back GuaranteeCase-by-case
Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐☆ 4.2/5
Best VendorClick Here ›

How Does SR9009 Work?

The Rev-Erb protein is present in our liver and muscles, and SR9009 works in these specific areas.

how does sr9009 work

It increases the mitochondria count in our muscles. The said mitochondria activity significantly increases endurance and improves fat loss.

Skeletal muscle metabolism in the body can also increase by 50%. Bodybuilders point how it can improve their metabolism to the point that being sedentary would still burn a significant amount of fat.

Stenabolic SR9009 does just that. Even when the body is in a sedentary state, people will see well that their body burns calories and let them have more energy.

On the one hand, Rev-ErbA blocks the production of new fat cells. It means it will bind to the cells, which essentially removes it from our body.

People who are on an SR-9009 cycle are going to produce a lot less fat than usual, unlike what MK-677 does. The fewer fat cells produced, the more it is able to promote more fat loss in the liver.

The Rev-Erb protein activity sends a signal to let your body use the reserves for energy, thus directly causing fat loss.

Rev-ErbA is also responsible for blocking the genes that help store the fat, and Stenabolic enhances this making the body store very little fat.

Benefits & Effects

Now that we know how SR9009 works, let’s dive into the SR9009 benefits.

sr9009 benefits and effects
  • Fat loss. This is the main reason for most users. It is proven to be effective in animal studies. Rats can lose as much as 60% than the others when given this compound.

    In studies, rats show a noticeable difference after 10-14 days. Most people will see the fat burning effect around the same time as well. This also depends on how clean your diet and how effective your training is. You will be able to lose 5% of the body fat if coupled with a healthy lifestyle.
  • Better cardiovascular health. Rats with a high cholesterol diet were given Stenabolic. Their cholesterol was then greatly reduced in just 7 days. This is one reason why current intensive research is undertaken to see if SR9009 can be a possible treatment for cardiovascular diseases.
  • Endurance. Rats that were given this compound were able to run 50% as much as other rats. Apart from building muscle mass, athletes were able to improve their endurance. This would also mean more gym time.

    Many experienced a 50%-60% increase in endurance even after approximately 20 minutes after the first dosage. Some people even say that they felt like they got an extra pair of lungs as they never get winded down or wouldn’t take too much time between sets.
  • Reduce anxiety and muscle inflammation. People report that their mood is better during their SR9009 cycle. In recent posts, it is also noted that Stenabolic is currently being researched as a substance that can improve one’s circadian rhythm.

Dosage & How To Use SR9009

The recommended SR9009 dosage is based on anecdotal evidence only. It is 10 to 40mg per day for a cycle length of 8 weeks.

dosage and how to use sr9009

It would help to know that the SR9009 half-life is just 4-6 hours. Therefore, the dosage should be taken 3 times a day to keep the compound’s optimal levels and get the best results throughout the day.

To achieve the best results, take note of the intervals of taking the SR9009 dosing. An example would be to take the first 10mg in the morning, the second dosage at lunch, and the last dosage during dinner.

SR9009 is available in form of a powder. Some sites also offer liquids and injectables. There are no issues when taking the product as an injectable as this directly goes into our muscle tissues without going through the digestive system.

The injectable is a lot stronger in comparison to the oral type. Some expect that a dose of 3mg injectable is very much comparable to that of an oral dosage of 15mg to one’s body.


Since the research on SR9009 is minimal and tests are done only in animal studies, there aren't any known long-term side effects.

Some reviews would mention headaches and water retention, but this is mostly because some Stenabolic sold in the market are not authentic, as it's also often the case with the S4 SARM. It may be tainted with other compounds that can cause these side effects.

Make sure to purchase high-quality and pure Stenabolic to avoid unneeded side effects.

Some people may report its effect on wakefulness, but you can quickly get around this by taking into account the interval of your dose. This means some may have a hard time falling asleep. You can take the last dose early in the evening and not right before going to bed.

There’s also a number reporting a decrease in strength, but most experience this late in their cycle, or they’ve already exceeded the cycle length.

Where Can I Buy SR9009?

The web will offer you many options on where to buy Stenabolic, but any review site will only recommend Chemyo as this is the only legitimate place that has SR9009 for sale.

They have third-party tests available that will help you verify its authenticity. They sell a liquid type that has an updated certificate of analysis.

On the website, you can verify that it has been tested by users, further supporting its effectiveness as a bodybuilding compound.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are nuggets of information about common questions.

Is SR9009 Safe and Legal?

SR9009 is legal to use anywhere except Australia. However, you have to know that it’s being sold under labels of “Research Chemical” or “Not for human consumption” because the FDA does not yet approve it.
Some countries only allow the use of Stenabolic for research purposes.
However, it is still illegal in Australia to purchase compounds like SR9009, even with a doctor’s prescription. TGA lists SR9009 as a Schedule 9 compound.
Both the WADA and the USADA have banned it. If you are a professional athlete, make sure not to use this compound as it will show in drug tests.

Is SR9009 Orally Bioavailable?

The biggest issue with Stenabolic is its bioavailability, and this happens when ingesting the compound orally. It means most people would find it difficult to get the full dosage of oral Stenabolic into their body.
To help go around the issue of low bioavailability, it is recommended to take liquid sublingually. Let the liquid sit under your tongue for about 10 seconds before swallowing. Most of the Stenabolic will be absorbed by the tongue and will further diffuse into the blood.
Some SR9009 reviews recommend that you try the oral version before you try the injectable. The oral version, aside from its low dosage, is a much simpler method without involving needles. This means it will give your body enough time to adjust to the substance.

How Quickly Does SR9009 Work?

You can see the great benefits of Stenabolic in a short period. The increase in endurance and performance will be noticeable after 20 minutes, with many people peaking at 50%.
Animal testing has shown noticeable weight loss after 10-14 days. You can enjoy the same fat-burning benefit and lose 5% of fat depending on how clean your diet is and how effective the training is every day, like doing cardio three times a week.


SR9009 will let you experience great results almost instantly - expect fat loss, increased endurance, increased cardiovascular health, and better overall well-being.

The only possible downside is its impact on your wakefulness, but you can go around this one by not using it right before you go to bed.

Stenabolic is similar to SARMs, with its benefits focusing on building muscle mass. Still, unlike SARMs, Stenabolic is a non-hormonal compound that won’t need PCT to ensure your testosterone levels.

Most people would only need to run SR9009 for 8 weeks, and this will be enough time for it to give great results.

Make sure to buy the product from the right sources to avoid unneeded effects. Like any other product, Stenabolic will not work on your body if you will keep the unhealthy habits.

Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to have the muscle you’ve been dreaming of. Having the right dosage per day will also keep your liver from being damaged.

SR9009 (Stenabolic) Review 2024: Benefits, Side Effects, & Dosage 1

Research shows that SR9009 is a powerful aid for weight loss and exercise performance. But what are the benefits and side effects? Read our review to find out.

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