7 Best SARMs for Bodybuilding: Bulking, Recomp & Cutting Stacks

If you've been hanging out the gym recently, you may have heard of SARMs.

As with many compounds that have gained popularity among lifters and bodybuilders, few people know what the best SARMs actually are and how they work.

Most focus on the insane results the best SARMs provide.

If you want to get the best possible physique, you must understand what they are as well as how they work in our body.

Reading further will also help clear up any misinformation you may have gotten about them.

This article will help you avoid any potential pitfalls or side effects.

So, if you're thinking about taking any of these compounds, or designing the best SARMs stack for cutting, bulking or recomp, you should get highly relevant information to help you make the right decision.

In this review, we'll talk about using SARMs for bulking, SARMs for cutting, and everything in between.

By the end, you'll understand what they are, how effective they are, and how they can help people like you reach your fitness and bodybuilding goals.

If you are wondering whether these products are illegal, we'll have answers for you as well.

The Best SARMs for Bodybuilding

No two SARMs are created equal.

Which one you take will depend on many factors, including the sensitivity of your body towards anabolic steroids, the dosage, the length of your cycle, and the results you want to see.

best sarms for bodybuilding

So, to know what the best SARMs for cutting, bulking, or strength are, you need to understand the differences between the various compounds and their effects on your body.

Knowing the differences will help you choose the right one for you.


Best for








10-20 mg

12 weeks



Cutting & Bulking

20-50 mg

8 weeks




10-20 mg

8 weeks


Best for








15-25 mg

12 weeks



Cutting & Stacks

10-20 mg

8 weeks




5-15 mg

8 weeks


Best for







Recomp & Strength

5-15 mg

8 weeks

Ostarine (MK-2866)

MK-2866 aka Ostarine - one of the best sarms

Ostarine MK-2866 is one of the most widely researched SARMs.

There's more information about Ostarine's safety, efficacy, and dosage than many of the other compounds you'll see on the market.

Ostarine is developed by a Memphis-based company called GTx Inc.

Researchers are studying the Ostarine as a possible way to prevent muscle tissue loss and muscle wasting in patients with muscular dystrophy or various cancers.

MK-2866 Ostarine has been shown to burn fat, increase muscle mass and boost strength.

It even has mild fat-burning effects during clinical reviews.

It also can lower HDL cholesterol and blood glucose levels for some people.

It is often used in the triple stack, which is excellent at fat burning, bulking, and everything in between.

Whether you're using Ostarine on its own or as part of a cutting stack, it's a great place to start as a beginner.

Ostarine is one of the more well-studied compounds, with several clinical trials showing its efficacy and safety in relatively low doses.

It can be used for cutting, bulking, and building lean muscle mass, as well as stacked with a similar molecule, like SR9009 or Cardarine.

Ostarine is often considered the best cutting SARM for weight loss or fat loss, which means it's perfect for a cutting cycle.

Many users tend to use Ostarine as part of cutting since it works hand in hand with the caloric deficit for fat loss.

It helps a person stay healthy and lose fat even when they're running on fewer calories.

The process of taking Ostarine helps maintain muscle mass during a cut, which is why it's considered one of the best SARMs for bulking, weight loss and cutting.

Researchers who use these SARMs for clinical reviews recommend a dosage between 3 mg to 5 mg per day.

Bodybuilders tend to take anything from between 10 to 30 mg per day of Ostarine, depending on their needs to build muscle mass and lose fat.

Remember that the hormone suppression effect will be stronger the more you take, even with a compound as mild as MK-2866 Ostarine.

As with all other SARMs supplements, it does have a hormone-suppression effect which is why Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is crucial.

So, it's a good idea to keep your cycles to a maximum of 12 weeks, especially when using it stacked for building muscle instead of just during a cut.

Andarine (S-4)

S-4 Andarine

Andarine S4 is another compound developed by pharmaceutical company GTx Inc.

As with Ostarine, its primary function is to lose fat, maintain bone density for people suffering from diseases like muscle wasting. 

Andarine can be used during a cut to retain a lot of muscle mass, but it shines during bulking or recomp and in a stack.

Andarine is also a part of a stack for bulking and at the same time considered one of the best SARMs for cutting fat.

Despite being labeled as "mild" by some, Andarine can produce extremely useful results, even at relatively low doses of 25 mg per day.

Most people will eventually build up to 50 mg per day, though higher doses for weeks aren't recommended due to Andarine's effect on body hormone levels like testosterone and estrogen.

It's also a good idea to avoid using Andarine for more than eight weeks at a time and to make sure to do a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) afterward.

Although Andarine is mild, it does have some drawbacks, including having to take it numerous times a day due to its short half-life.

Some people report getting a yellow tinge to their vision, which isn't permanent and stops a few days after.

If these drawbacks don't put you off and you just want to be building muscle, Andarine is a great supplement that promises excellent results.

Otherwise, you can always do a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) after eight weeks of using Andarine.

Testolone (RAD140)


Testolone was developed by Radius Health, a pharmaceutical company located in Massachusetts.

It was developed as a drug for some people to help deal with the muscle-wasting disease, as is the case with most SARMs.

It's generally considered one of the "strongest" SARMs available for building muscle, due to its extremely high binding affinity to androgen receptors.

Research conducted on RAD140 tends to maintain a dose of around 10 mg per day.

Most users will go no higher than 20 mg per day, due to its potent effects.

It's mainly used to build muscles and also considered one of the best SARMs for bulking, though some users have had success using it for fat cutting as well.

Unfortunately, due to its high binding affinity for androgen receptors, Testolone needs to be monitored carefully during use.

It's also a good idea to do PCT after weeks of taking it.

It should not be used for a cycle lasting longer than eight weeks.

Although it is effective, users have had experience with changes in their testosterone hormone levels.

We recommend that you do PCT after your Testolone cycle.

Ligandrol (LGD-4033)

lgd-4033 ligandrol capsules

Ligandrol is one of the most popular SARMs currently available due to its lean muscle mass-building properties and relatively few side effects.

It's considered the mid-point between milder like Ostarine and harsher like RAD-140.

In general, one of its benefits are fewer side effects.

It was originally developed by Viking Therapeutics, but its development has been taken over by Ligand Pharmaceuticals.

Ligandrol is typically used for body recomp.

It is also considered one of the most excellent SARMs for cutting as it produces results.

There is some water retention, but this quickly subsides during your cycle as you start seeing strength gains and improved lean mass.

It's effective at a very low dose (as low as 5 mg per day).

While it does take a couple of weeks to kick in, users report their strength shooting up even during a recomp.

Due to its mild nature, LGD-4033 Ligandrol is typically used as part of some of the best SARM stack options, especially when combined with non-SARM compounds like MK-2866 and GW-501516 Cardarine for fat burning effects and bulking.

Ibutamoren (MK-677)

mk677 ibutamoren mesylate

MK-677 isn't a SARM, even though it's commonly marketed as one.

It goes by the common name of Ibutamoren or Nutrobal, or by its compound designation of MK-677.

Ibutamoren stimulates the production of growth hormone and IGF-1 during cycle without affecting the testosterone levels and other hormones in the body.

We recommend using it for its muscle-building properties, making it suitable for bulking.

However, as it can also stop muscle tissue from wasting away, it can be used during a cut.

You can also use this in a stack for bulking.

Cardarine (GW-501516)

gw501516 cardarine

Cardarine GW 501516 was first developed as an anti-tumor compound that prevented the formation and growth of numerous cancer tumors.

However, it caught the attention of the bodybuilding community, and they decided to use it as one of the safer steroid alternatives.

Despite commonly being marketed as a SARM, Cardarine isn't one.

Instead, it's a PPAR agonist that modulates the activity of specific receptors.

It has been shown in studies to increase cardiovascular performance as well as stimulating weight loss.

This feature is why it's commonly found in a lot of stack formulations.


yk11 capsules

YK-11 is a relatively new compound.

Due to the lack of scientific evidence, it's nowhere near as popular as many of the other compounds.

It's starting to gain a lot of traction with people who want to put on a lot of mass quickly without resorting to a stack.

This is why it's definitely one of the best SARMs for bulking.

If you wan to learn more about this powerful compound, read our YK11 SARM review.

The Best SARMs Stack for Bulking

When you're bulking, you want to search for the stack that has the highest anabolic ratio, which indicates how well it binds to androgen receptors.

In general, you want to search the following, which are widely considered the best stack for bulking.

  • Ligandrol LGD 4033
  • Andarine
  • RAD140

The Best SARMs Stack for Cutting (Fat Loss)

When you're cutting, you're not interested in a stack that helps putting on new muscle.

Instead, you want the stack to preserve the muscle you have while going on a heavy caloric deficit to lose fat.

So, during this phase, you want a SARM with high anabolic ratio that has proven muscle-sparing properties.

The best SARMs stack for cutting can include:

  • Ostarine
  • Ligandrol

The Best SARMs Stack for Strength Gains

If you don't care about bulking but want to gain strength using stacks instead, you should take a look at both Ligandrol and RAD140.

You'll get substantial strength from both due to their ability to increase bone density and pack on mass without the need for a stack that a lot of people rely on.

Stick to a short SARMs cycle with this stack and check your mass and bone strength at the end of eight weeks to see if you're happy with the way your muscle has been building.

We consider this the best SARMs stack for strength and gaining muscles.

The Triple Stack

If you're one of the bodybuilders looking to take your game to the next level, you should consider the triple stack and enjoy its benefits.

There are many stacks out there, but the triple stack is considered the top stack for bulking, cutting and strength.

The stack consists of 20 mg per day of Ostarine, 50 mg per day of Andarine, and 20 mg per day of Cardarine for eight weeks.

During this time, you'll be able to build up new muscle mass, reduce fat, and even improve cardiovascular health thanks to the synergistic effects of the three stacking SARMs.

It's one of the most effective stacks for bulking, and it's well worth the try.

Best SARMs for Women

Since these products aren't as hormone suppressing to the body as traditional steroid, they're suitable to be used by women for bulking or gaining muscle mass and strength as well.

Some of the best SARMs for women include:

  • Ostarine
  • Andarine
  • Ligandrol


PCT is essential if you take any steroid that can affect testosterone levels and its production.

Most roids will cause suppression of natural hormone production, and it's best to give your body time to recover and restore its natural balance.

sarms cycle

But since the best SARMs are less harsh than anabolic steroids, is it necessary to do a SARMs PCT?

The answer will depend on what compound you're using as well as how long you're using it for.

Stronger ones, like RAD-140 or YK11, can be hormone suppressive, especially when run for long periods or in a stack.

Any normal dose that's run for longer than eight weeks should be finished off with some PCT, preferably by using a compound like Clomid or Nolvadex.

The best way to know if you need post-cycle therapy is to get your bloodwork done and see whether to do a SARM PCT.

The results will give you the hard numbers that you need to make the best decision.

If your hormones are on the low end of your typical spectrum, it's a good idea to do a SARMs PCT to get back on track.

What Are SARMs?

SARM stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator [R]. This class of drugs is used medically to lose fat, treat obesity or muscle wasting diseases.

While there is still a lot of research being done around the efficacy and safety of SARMs for the body, early results are promising.

If you're wondering, are SARMs steroids?

The answer is no.

How Do SARMs Work?

Androgen receptors are pieces of protein that sit on the membrane of your cells and allow the cells to respond to a specific compound; in this case, androgens like testosterone [R].

By stimulating these receptors, anabolic steroids make them more sensitive to high testosterone levels and other androgens, accelerating muscle and bone growth.

sarms work

Since SARMs target lean muscle and bone tissue, you'll see a lot of growth in these areas without a huge impact on the rest of your body and your fitness.

They speed up the growth of your muscles, increase your strength, and help with cutting.

They can also be combined with other molecules in a stack to enhance results and take advantage of SARMs synergies.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators vs. Prohormones

Prohormones are a popular alternative to steroids as they help you put on muscle mass quickly and easily.

Yet they are milder.

However, prohormones are becoming increasingly harder to get as many countries are outlawing them.

They also suppress the natural production of hormones such as testosterone and are liver toxic, which means you need to be very careful while taking them.

SARMs, on the other hand, offer a similar amount of muscle growth, but are much easier to obtain and don't have as many side effects as prohormones.

They are also less likely to suppress natural testosterone production, so they have less impact overall on your general health and fitness.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators vs. Steroids

SARMs are known to be less effective than regular steroids, which can be an advantage for most people.

This lessened efficacy is why they don't impact testosterone production and testosterone levels nearly as much as typical roids [R], which means they are easier to recover from.

Also, you can increase the efficiency of SARMs through theLigandrol use of stacking with a non-SARMs molecule like SR9009.

They can also be taken orally, which is a tremendous advantage over many regular steroids, which need to be taken by injection.

They are also more difficult to detect and at the current moment are not illegal.

They are also gentler on your liver and don't get broken down into estrogen as rapidly as traditional roids, as evidenced by numerous SARMs reviews.

Different Types of SARMs

Many people tend to confuse several compounds, such as SR9009 (Stenabolic), GW-501516 (Cardarine) and MK-677 (Ibutamoren).

You might want to consider them secret SARMs that are often used in coming up with the best stacks possible without being SARMs themselves.

SR9009 is a Rev-Erba agonist, and instead of targeting androgen receptors, it works by improving cardiovascular performance.

It's rarely used on its own but is often stacked with Cardarine to optimize endurance or increase fat burning effects.

It can also be used to come up with a stack that can help with weight loss during cutting.

GW-501516 is a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta modulator.

It works by modulating the activity of steroid and thyroid-sensing receptors that are responsible for growth and development.

This modulation helps the body create more muscles and leads to an increase in energy, fitness and endurance.

It's also a non-hormonal compound and doesn't need PCT.

MK-677 is a selective agonist of the growth hormone secretion-boosting receptor.

It raises growth hormone and IGF-1 levels without affecting cortisol levels in the body.

It's non-hormonal and doesn't require PCT at the end of a cycle.

Side-Effects & Safety

No compound in the world is 100% side effect free, and any marketing that you see to the contrary should be taken with a pinch of salt.

If you're wondering whether SARMs are safe, in particular, the answer is maybe.

SARMs Safety

They are a relatively new class of compounds, and there have been very few long-term studies that have tested them for long-term safety.

They're currently not illegal because they haven't been approved for human use by any agency, though they are up for approval at the FDA.

That said, they do have noticeably fewer side effects than steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs.

However, there is growing evidence that SARMs may have the potential to increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

High dosages and large cycles can also lead to:

  • Testosterone suppression
  • Hair loss
  • Acne

Increased risk of cancer in high dosage (currently, this is only discovered in mice. But if you're freaking out about aspartame causing cancer, you may as well freak out about them causing cancer as well.)

These effects can be compounded if you're working with a stack, so keep an eye out for side effects, especially when trying to find the SARMs stack for your needs.

Another important aspect to consider when looking to buy SARMs is that due to the unregulated nature of the supplement industry, many unscrupulous vendors will sell products that don't even contain any active ingredients.

Make sure to read our guide before considering whether or not start SARMs and use a trusted vendor.

A recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that only half of the products advertised as they contained active SARM compounds.

And what's worse, over 60% contained ingredients that differed significantly to what was printed on the label.

10% of products didn't even contain a trace of any active ingredient of any kind.

So, in the interests of safety, make sure to order from only a trusted vendor and make sure that the product is genuine and third-party lab-verified before you start using it.

And if you do notice any adverse side effects, stop their use and consult a healthcare professional.

How to Take & Cycle SARMs

Your cycle will depend mainly on the type of SARM you're taking.

Some of the stronger ones, especially when you are taking it in high dosage, can result in lower testosterone levels or suppression.

So, it's smart to keep to relatively short cycles when using large doses.

Also, consider combining them with something like SR9009 or Cardarine to come up with a stack of your own and make it effective and stronger.

cycle the best sarms

Most SARMs cycles will last between eight to twelve weeks, with SARMs PCT performed as required.

Most daily doses of stacks are kept low, around 20 to 50 mg per day, as the higher dosage isn't necessary to achieve the desired results.

The main thing you need to factor in is the half-life of the SARM or stack you're taking, as this will determine how many times per day you need to dose.

SARMs with shorter half-lives need to be ingested at least twice daily, while others only need a single dose daily.

How to Take Liquid SARMs

Liquid SARMs are taken under the tongue, which makes it easier to absorb.

Use an undiluted product, as it's challenging to dilute the small amount you need.

SARM stacks are a bit easier since you can mix them and reap the benefits of all different products at once.

How to Take SARMs Powder

If you're going to be taking powered SARMs, it's vital to invest in a high-quality scale that allows for mg measurements.

If you want to use your gelatin capsules, first put that on the scale before turning it on.

Then turn the scale on and use a micro-scooper to dispense the required amount of powder into the capsule.

How to Inject SARMs

Injectable SARMs aren't common in the SARM marketplace due to the availability of oral methods.

In general, it's a good idea to use a raw powder and a solvent such as DMSO or PEG to create an injectable.

It's not recommended unless you know what you're doing, especially since some aren't very soluble.

When Is the Best Time to Take SARMs?

They are best taken during the morning and again in the afternoon if you've got one with a short half-life, otherwise they can be taken every morning for better effects.

If you're using a stack, be sure to use products with a similar half-life.

Where to Buy SARMs Online

Finding the best place to buy SARMs can be extremely difficult, considering how unregulated the market for them currently is.

It's a good idea to stick to reputable vendors such as SARMs4You, which has a reputation for selling high-quality products that contain what they say on the label.

Also, make sure to check real reviews to get an idea of the quality of the product you're buying and how they affect your fitness.

Get the highest quality supplements you can get your hands on.

And question the reputation of every vendor when you're trying to find out where to buy SARMs.

When you choose to order them, you're taking a chance on the safety and efficacy of the drug if you don't pick a trusted vendor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your questions answered:

What Does SARMs Stand for?

SARMs stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators.

When Should You Take SARMs?

Generally, they are taken once or twice daily to get the desired effects, depending on their half-life. If you take them once a day, it's a good idea to take them in the morning.

How Long Do SARMs Stay in Your System?

Again, it depends on the half-life of the SARM. Some can stay in your body for days, while others will only remain in your body for 24 hours, or even eight hours or less.

How Safe Are SARMs?

While they're safer than most alternatives, there's no consensus on how safe the stacks are. They have been shown to cause hormone suppression, but the current clinical studies show very few and mild side effects at low doses.

As with any grey-market supplement, it's best to order them with real caution.


SARMs are a great alternative to steroids if you're looking to gain muscle fast.

They are less harmful to the body with almost zero side effects while offering many of the same benefits.

Since they're still in clinical trials, most aren't illegal and are instead considered grey-market drugs.

As with all other supplements, exercise caution when choosing to get them and make sure to use a reputable vendor who you can trust to get the most profound effects possible.

Never be scared to ask a question and be aware that a lot of vendors want you to submit an order without caring about the effects they will have on your body.

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