What's the Best HGH Dosage for Bodybuilding?

If you have ever been interested in bodybuilding at a serious level, then you might have noticed HGH, otherwise known as Human Growth Hormone.

This stuff is naturally occurring in the body, but it does drop off as you get older. Taking these as a supplement will be really important for your development.

However, this is a very potent hormone that can affect different people in very different ways. This is why there are severe restrictions on this growth hormone, as it can really cause you to have some severe side effects. This is why it is important to get the dosage just right.

HGH Dosage & Bodybuilding - How Much HGH To Take A Day

We would recommend that you consult your doctor before even attempting to go on HGH. You can get this drug from underground markets, but we would not recommend this as you’ll need to have medical guidance as well as someone to check it against your medical history.

So what exactly is the right dosage of HGH? How often should you take it? How much should you take to avoid some of the harsher side effects? How ethical is this hormone to use? How can you tell when you have taken too much?

Well, if you want to know the answer to these questions and a whole lot more, then we would suggest that you keep reading.

We have everything that you’ll need to make an informed decision about whether or not you want to take this drug in the long term or you want to keep it minimal.

What Is HGH?

HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone and is produced organically in the body, especially as you sleep. This is when the muscles in your body will replenish themselves.

It also helps you with brain cells, improving your concentration and helping you to heal injuries.

However, as you get older, your production of HGH naturally decreases. This is because your body deems that you won’t need as much physical endurance as you get older.

But in the modern world, we want to stay younger for longer, which is why people are choosing to inject themselves with HGH to reverse the symptoms of aging.

This hormone will help you to stimulate muscle growth, giving you better endurance in the gym and during sports. Sports stars also take this to repair certain injuries they have sustained during intense professional sporting games.

Why Should You Take HGH?

If you are noticing a lack of energy, especially as you get older, then you might want to take this hormone. However, you’ll definitely need to consult a doctor before taking this stuff, as it is very potent and can interfere with preexisting conditions that you might have.

This will also help you to break down fat in your body, which is great for anyone who is medically obese and might find it difficult to exercise due to mobility issues. This will break down fat naturally in the body, also helping to build muscle at the same time. This has been shown to decrease the fat mass in both men and women.

What Is The Right Dosage For HGH?

There is a very minimal amount of growth hormone that you’ll be prescribed, although this might increase if your doctor thinks you are deficient enough.

At first, you will probably be given between 1 and 3 UI per day, although this might be increased to around 6 UI per day.

In terms of the timespan of your dosage, you’ll probably be put on a course of HGH for anywhere between 6 to 24 weeks.

The reason for this is that long-term use of HGH can be very damaging to the body. Let’s move on to some of the potential side effects of HGH.

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What Are The Side Effects Of HGH?

This is a growth hormone, so it can result in cancerous growths, as the tissue will increase dramatically. It might also lead to a decrease in bone density over time, as the interior of the bone will become weaker than the outside, causing it to collapse.

One of the general side effects of this drug is that you can develop flu-like symptoms that will only get worse over time.

Other people have reported an increase in joint pain and headaches, which can persist over the course of several days. However, some doctors will prescribe you medication to counter some of these effects.

How Ethical Is HGH?

This drug is severely restricted by the American government, simply because it is so potent. The organization that is dedicated to preventing doping in sports has completely banned its use in professional sports.

If you are performing in competitive bodybuilding tournaments, then you will also find the use of steroids and HGH completely banned. However, in bodybuilding they only conduct steroid tests, so you can technically take HGH without it being detected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Other commonly asked questions on HGH dosage and bodybuilding.

How does HGH affect muscle growth in high dosage bodybuilding?

HGH will help you to stimulate muscle growth, giving you better endurance in the gym and during sports. It is quite common in the bodybuilding world, and athletes have found this improves the connective tissues between the muscles.

Is it safe to take high dosages of HGH in bodybuilding for an extended period?

Long-term use of HGH can be very damaging to the body. It is important to get the dosage just right and to consult your doctor before attempting to go on HGH. The recommended dosage is usually between 1 and 3 UI per day, and a course of HGH will last between 6 to 24 weeks.

Who Should Take HGH?

If you are an athlete who likes to train at the maximum of their lifting capacity, then you might want to take a little bit of HGH to increase your stamina and your performance.

This is quite common in the bodybuilding world and athletes have found this improves the connective tissues between the muscles.

Also, sticking with the world of sports, a lot of people take this to repair very serious sporting injuries. This has been scientifically proven to speed up the recovery process by over double the time.

If you are older and you just want to retain a little bit of youth, mainly in the skin texture and the muscle definition, then taking HGH will help you to achieve these ends.

We would also recommend that you take HGH if you are suffering from a lack of energy when you are in advanced years.

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