Do Testosterone Supplements Work? (Evidence-Based Research)

Low testosterone levels can greatly affect many aspects of a man's life. However, they'll start slipping with time.

That doesn't mean you have to sit down and accept your fate. Test supplements can help you regain your strength and health.

We'll break down how these supplements work. Read on!

What Are Testosterone Supplements?

Naturally declining testosterone levels are a common symptom of aging, but it will affect you in different and unpleasant ways.

what are testosterone supplements

These include difficulty in building muscle, erectile dysfunction, and a loss of body hair in different areas of the body.

Several things can cause lower testosterone in men: Hypogonadism, medical conditions, or lifestyle habits. To ensure healthy aging, identify the cause of your low t-levels first.

Severe medical conditions and hypogonadism should be treated with TRT. Minor issues can be treated with test boosters.

Do Testosterone Supplements Work?

Testosterone boosters, or test supplements, work through their natural ingredients and the manufacturer's recommended dosage.

Test boosters don't directly provide the body with more testosterone. Rather, they contain ingredients that promote the body's natural production of testosterone.

do testosterone supplements work

The various test boosters will give your body different health benefits depending on their specific ingredients and formulations.

However, these supplements won't work just by taking them consistently. You'll also need to "prime your body" to produce higher amounts of testosterone.

Test boosters must be paired with lifestyle changes like a consistent exercise routine and a nutritious diet to kickstart your body's test production.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Testosterone Supplements?

Taking testosterone boosters will bring you a few notable health benefits apart from helping with your low testosterone levels:

  • Improved Body Composition - Men experiencing low T-levels often have trouble shedding their body fat and sculpting it into muscle, despite working out consistently. The formulations of these test supplements will give your body that extra push to transform excess fat into muscle faster.
  • Sexual Health - ED and a weakened libido are issues that crop up in men with low test levels. Taking test supplements will give your body enough ingredients to improve sexual function. You don't have to suffer from a weakened sex drive and performance issues. Test boosters can help you keep it up in the bedroom and gym!
  • Higher Energy Levels - It's common to feel sluggish when your body isn't producing enough testosterone. Taking test supplements can fix this issue. Keep in mind that this change will take time. You won't wake up the day after taking a supplement and feel better!
what are the benefits of taking testosterone supplements

Are There Any Risks and Side Effects Associated With Taking Testosterone Supplements?

Taking test supplements won't negatively affect your overall health since they don't contain any actual testosterone in their formulations.

These supplements are designed to promote your body's natural test production through their ingredients instead of giving you a direct test dose.

However, while test supplements are generally safe, users may still experience slight side effects from the individual ingredients.

These side effects may include dizziness, nausea, and stomach cramps. These effects should not be too severe, but consult a professional if they persist.

Before you pick up a supply of test boosters, get checked out by a medical professional first. They can test and confirm the cause of your condition.

You'll take a blood test to get a reading on your serum testosterone levels, but your doctor may order additional tests to confirm the results.

What Are the Different Types of Testosterone Supplements?

There are a few different test boosters available, and some will have more focused effects alongside bringing you back to normal levels of test:

  • Fat Burners: As the name implies, this is designed to help its users lose weight. They often contain ingredients like green tea to increase their efficacy further. Athletes or bodybuilders often use this type of supplement so they can gain muscle mass faster and more efficiently. Also read: Best Testosterone Booster and Fat Burner Combo.
  • Estrogen Blockers: If testosterone is the primary male hormone, then estrogen is the primary female hormone. The body will naturally produce both, but estrogen can cause you to put on more fat. Estrogen blockers will either reduce the amount of estrogen that your body produces or render any estrogen unusable by the body, ensuring that you keep your fat percentage down. Related article: Best Testosterone Boosters with Estrogen Blocker.
  • Male Vitality Pills: We've previously mentioned ED and bedroom performance issues, which can lead to lower self-esteem. This type of test supplement is designed to kickstart your sexual performance. A few common ingredients in this type of supplement are Zinc, Ashwagandha root, and horny goat weed. Some of these supplements also improve the blood flow towards the male organ.

What Are the Best Testosterone Supplements?

Some testosterone boosters are designed to help your body keep the normal levels of testosterone. However, some natural test boosters are stronger than the rest:

  • Vitamin D - A study from the Hormone and Metabolic research journal gave overweight but otherwise healthy men a steady supply of Vitamin D for 1 year. A trial group was not provided with vitamin D supplementation. The results showed that the supplemented group displayed higher free testosterone levels after the trial period.
best testosterone supplements
  • D-Aspartic Acid - DAA is an essential amino acid that will help your body produce the testosterone it needs to keep you healthy. Look for test supplements with this ingredient; note that it will work best on men with a test deficiency. If you are not experiencing any symptoms of hypogonadism, DAA may not significantly affect you. But if you are, DAA can increase your body's sperm production.
  • DHEA - It is the shorthand for Dehydroepiandrosterone, a precursor hormone produced in the adrenal glands. DHEA should only be consumed under a physician's supervision despite its efficacy. This supplement can cause excessive test levels, resulting in harmful side effects.

If you want to get more of these natural test-boosting ingredients, you can get them through TestoPrime or TestoGen. Note that we recommend taking DHEA under strict supervision.

Are Testosterone Supplements Safe for Everyone?

Testosterone levels decrease at a relatively steady rate once men exceed 30. While this hormone is vital for men's health, these supplements are not safe for everyone.

If you have a test deficiency, confirm your suspicions with your doctor before taking any test supplement. These supplements can harm users who have normal T-levels.

These supplements should also not be used by adolescents who are under the age of 18 and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

If you have a family history of heart disease, you shouldn't take test supplements. Having boosted T-levels can cause or further exacerbate heart diseases.

How Long Does It Take To See Results from Testosterone Supplements?

Don't expect your test levels to shoot up overnight. Your body needs time to get back to normal testosterone levels, even with a supplement.

The first sign that the supplements are taking effect is an improved sex drive. This will kick in after around 3 weeks of consistent usage.

For the best results, refer to the manufacturer's recommendations and label the dosage and length of usage.

Are Test Boosters a Safe Alternative to Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

If your blood tests confirm that you have lowered test levels, getting test replacement therapy or TRT would be advisable instead of taking test supplements.

Test boosters cannot directly raise your T-levels, unlike TRT. This therapy will also aid your body in producing more white blood cells and give you all the benefits of test boosters.

However, TRT can have harmful side effects. This therapy can affect your body's production of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH).

With a direct testosterone administration, your body can be fooled into producing less of these hormones. This may cause a dependency on TRT.

Are There Any Natural Alternatives to Taking T Booster Supplements?

Men who don't want to take test booster supplements can skip the formulas and get right to the ingredients. We'll discuss a few alternatives here.

  • Tribulus Terrestris -This herb is used in many test supplements for its libido-boosting and test-boosting capabilities.
Does Tribulus Terrestris Boost Testosterone
  • Magnesium -This mineral is vital to keeping high test levels in men. Unlike most ingredients, magnesium supplementation can raise t-levels in men who don't show test deficiency.
best vitamins and minerals that help produce testosterone magnesium

Before settling on a natural alternative or testosterone supplement to reverse your low testosterone, seek advice, diagnosis, or treatment from medical professionals.

This is more crucial if you are currently taking medicines to mitigate health issues like heightened blood pressure or a risk of stroke.

What Lifestyle Changes Can Boost Testosterone Levels?

Your lifestyle habits may be causing your low test levels, not hypogonadism. Before picking up some test boosters, bring your sex hormones back into balance with these tips first:

  • Get More Exercise - Your lethargy could be caused by a sedentary lifestyle, not low test levels. Maintain a consistent exercise routine to get your energy back. High-intensity interval training and resistance training should give you the best results.
lifestyle changes can boost testosterone levels get exercise
  • Eat a Nutritious Diet - An excessive consumption of fats and sugar can create the same effects as low test levels. Incorporate more greens into your diet before picking up a test supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Learn more about men's health with these questions!

Is It Healthy to Take Testosterone Pills?

Test pills won't cause any unhealthy side effects thanks to their formulations, but users should remember that their ingredients may trigger allergic reactions. For example, Tribulus Terrestris is considered quite safe in test boosters but may cause cramps, diarrhea, and stomach pain in users.

How Does Taking Testosterone Make You Feel?

One symptom of lowered testosterone levels is a lack of confidence. Higher testosterone levels will improve your mental health and general disposition if you've got a testosterone deficiency. However, it's important to keep a balanced testosterone level. Too much can cause edema and sleeping issues.

Can Testosterone Supplements Be Harmful?

Testosterone boosters will increase your total and free testosterone levels, improve your sex drive and help you experience fewer problems with sexual function. However, testosterone pills can also cause elevated testosterone levels, resulting in issues like gynecomastia, hair loss, and increased aggression.

What Are Testosterone Booster Supplements Before and After Results?

Men with low test levels typically have tell-tale signs like erectile dysfunction and a lowered sex drive. After taking test boosters for the prescribed amount of time, you can expect to say goodbye to these issues. You'll also have an easier time putting on muscle and shedding fat and will be able to work out for longer sessions.

What Are Test Boosters That Actually Work?

If you want to boost your natural testosterone production most effectively, look for test supplements with D-aspartic acid. This natural amino acid promotes the release of luteinizing hormone or LH in the body, which will help increase testosterone levels. Vitamin D can also help to improve t-levels in men who are test-deficient.

What Is the Best Low Testosterone Treatment That Helps With Erectile Dysfunction and Low Sex Drive?

Testosterone replacement therapy or TRT is guaranteed to increase testosterone levels. While this method will raise your T-levels, it also puts you at an increased risk of a few health problems. TRT can cause sleep apnea, severe acne, and gynecomastia. Consult your doctor before undergoing TRT.

Conclusion: Do Testosterone Supplements Work?

A testosterone supplement will work for you if you want to eliminate your body fat quickly.

However, ensure that you choose the right test supplement for your specific needs.

On top of that, remember that testosterone boosters work best when paired with a nutritious diet and regular exercise!

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