Cellucor P6 Ultimate Review 2024: Does It Really Work?

Testosterone and male energy levels decrease as we age. Muscle size decreases, and heart health worsens.

In this Cellucor P6 Ultimate GH analysis, we'll look at what makes this testosterone supplement so effective. We'll look at its benefits and what else has made Cellucor successful for nearly a decade.

What is Cellucor P6 Ultimate GH?

Cellucor P6 Ultimate Review 2024: Does It Really Work? 1

Cellucor P6 Ultimate GH is a testosterone booster supplement designed to increase cognitive function and lean muscle mass by encouraging natural testosterone production.

As part of Cellucor's P6 Line, the Ultimate GH testosterone booster is the highest-end product of the line, promising the ultimate results.

P6 Ultimate offers overall male support, improving their physical performance, enhancing cognitive function, and even giving them the confidence to make more friends.


  • Proprietary blend of organic ingredients
  • Most powerful P6 formulation


  • Far more expensive than its nearest competitors
Image Cellucor P6 Ultimate GH
Product P6 Ultimate GH
Product TypeBodybuilding supplement
EffectsBurns fat and builds muscle while aiding in faster recovery
Potential Side EffectsPossible nausea, headaches, or chest pain
Dosage6 capsules once a day on empty stomach
Content180 pills
Money Back GuaranteeMoney-back guaranteed if unsatisfied
Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9/5
Official Website Click Here ›

How Does Cellucor P6 Ultimate GH Testosterone Supplement Work in the Body?

The Ultimate GH testosterone booster works by using its signature performance blend made of all-natural ingredients to galvanize the body to increase testosterone and regulate other hormones.

how does cellucor p6 ultimate testosterone supplement work in the body

By increasing serum testosterone, Cellucor Ultimate decreases estrogen and cortisol, improving men's overall health and physical development.

This test elevation translates into higher energy levels, the development of lean muscle, and nitric oxide production. Your blood vessels open up, creating more blood flow.

What are the Benefits of Cellucor P6 Ultimate?

By taking Cellucor Ultimate GH, you can eliminate that stubborn holiday food gut and replace it with rock-hard abs. You can enhance sexual well-being.

Users are guaranteed a faster metabolism, allowing them to burn fat even in the cold season. This creates the perfect synergy between fat-burning and muscle-building.

Beyond its physiological benefits, P6 also helps users fight off brain fog. It gives them clearer minds.

Cellucor P6 Ultimate Reviews and Customer Feedback

This particular product designed to raise testosterone levels has positively impacted many users. Let's look at some of the customer feedback below:

One user chose to maximize this testosterone support product by combining it with an intra-workout Alpha Amino. This led to a waistline decrease ("From a 42 to a 39") and an increase in workout times.

Another user stated it gave him a "stronger recovery from brutal workouts." He had undergone longer workouts without feeling nearly as sore, "recovering faster and more completely."

What Results Can You Expect from Cellucor P6 Ultimate GH Bodybuilding Supplement?

By boosting testosterone levels, testosterone boosters like this Cellucor dietary supplement allow men to give their best in everything they do.

what results can you expect from cellucor p6 ultimate gh bodybuilding supplement

It encourages muscle protein synthesis, improving muscle recovery and soothing muscle soreness. It also increases HGH production, repairs muscle tissue, and improves physical well-being.

When combined with the right diet and a resistance training program, users are assured of higher levels of strength and lean muscle development.

Consistent users are also guaranteed to see better sexual well-being and enhancement of their sexual health.

Where to Buy Cellucor P6 Ultimate?

The entire Cellucor P6 line, including Ultimate and Ultimate GH, is primarily available on the Cellucor website.

How Much Does Cellucor P6 Ultimate Cost?

Cellucor P6 Ultimate costs $159.99, while P6 Ultimate GH costs a whopping $199.99 per bottle. Applying for a monthly subscription on the Cellucor website leads to a huge discount.

Does Cellucor P6 Ultimate Have a Money-Back Guarantee?

Cellucor website purchases offer a money-back guarantee for users unsatisfied with their products.

How Can You Contact the Manufacturer?

Contact Number: 866-996-3489

Email: support@cellucor.com

Address: 3891 S Traditions Dr, Bryan, Texas, 77807, United States

What are the Ingredients in Cellucor P6 Ultimate GH?

cellucor p6 ultimate gh ingredients

This testosterone booster is filled with ingredients that allow it to be an older man's best friend. Let's examine some of these winning ingredients.

  • KSM-66® Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) root extract: This testosterone-boosting root is a medicinal herb that improves strength and fertility in men.
  • Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) seed extract: Fenugreek has been found to elevate testosterone and stimulate insulin.
  • Ovine Placenta powder (Agaricus bisporus) fruit extract: Sheep Placenta is useful for its anti-aging properties, allowing men to look, act and feel younger.
  • Stinging Nettle root extract: This root helps treat the signs of aging, like inflammation, gout, anemia, and joint pain.
  • Arginine Nitrate: This amino acid builds protein, allowing users to bulk up and sculpt their physiques. It stimulates GH release.
  • LJ100® (Eurycoma longifolia) root extract: Long jack extract or Tongkat Ali is a remedy designed to elevate low testosterone, giving users more energy.
  • 3,3'-Diindolylmethane: DIM is useful for preventing cancer and promoting weight loss.

What are the Side Effects of Cellucor P6 Ultimate?

Like other dietary supplements, Cellucor Ultimate GH may lead to an adverse reaction in users, especially if they have a family history of illnesses or a serious medical condition.

If you experience serious nausea, headaches, or chest pain, immediately discontinue taking the product and consult a healthcare professional.

How to Take Cellucor P6 Ultimate to Increase Testosterone Levels?

Cellucor has a concentrated formula that allows for rapid fat metabolism. This makes it ideal for both professional athletes and the average man.

how to take cellucor p6 ultimate

Cellucor Ultimate works better when taken on an empty stomach. It is meant to be taken 6 times a day in sets of 2 for at least 12 weeks.

What is the Recommended Dosage for Cellucor P6 Ultimate?

Cellucor Ultimate is meant to be taken 6 times a day.

What are the Best Alternatives to Cellucor P6 Ultimate GH?

Let's look at alternatives to Ultimate GH and what makes them suitable competitors.

1) TestoPrime

TestoPrime revitalizes users, giving them strength, energy, vitality, and the ability to face the world with all their might.


  • All-natural ingredients


  • 4 pills daily taken in 1 go

2) Force Factor Alpha King

Alpha King is a testosterone booster that services those who may consider Ultimate HG outside their price range. It does its job, making men more manly.


  • Uses AlphaFen modified Fenugreek to increase testosterone


  • Less proven among testosterone boosters

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Here are some questions users have when it comes to testing boosters. We'll look at what makes Ultimate safe and compare it to other Cellucor P6 products.

Is Cellucor P6 Ultimate GH testosterone booster safe?

Cellucor Ultimate is made with only natural ingredients. This reduces the number of side effects you can experience, making it as safe as can be. However, you must consult your doctor before taking it to ensure you have no negative reactions.

How long does it take for Cellucor P6 Ultimate to work and stimulate testosterone production?

Cellucor Ultimate GH can have you feeling higher energy levels as soon as you take it, acting as a pre-workout for hyper-responders. However, you will start feeling physical changes in a few weeks. You will see your ideal results after at least 12 weeks of daily consumption.

Cellucor P6 Ultimate vs. Cellucor P6 Original: What is the difference?

The P6 Original test booster is the basis Ultimate GH builds on. It allows users to develop their energy, virility, and muscle growth. While it may be less concentrated than Ultimate, it's less than half the price and only requires 4 pills a day instead of 6.

Cellucor P6 Ultra vs. Cellucor P6 PM: What makes one better than the other?

PM is the nighttime test booster, better for your bedtime needs. It gives you deeper, more effective sleep and aids muscle recovery and fatigue management. Ultra is designed to increase sex drive and athletic performance.

Cellucor P6 Ultimate vs. Cellucor P6 Extreme: Which one works better?

Both versions of the Cellucor testosterone booster more than live up to the brand's standards and reputation. However, Ultimate GH comes ahead in this mash-up because it develops both testosterone and GH, making it more comprehensive than all of its sister products.

What is the difference between P6 ultimate and P6 ultimate GH?

Ultimate GH is a spin-off of Ultimate, building on its successes while improving its weaknesses. GH emphasizes fostering higher human growth hormone production, encouraging muscle development, recovery, and healing from injury.

Cellucor P6 Ultimate GH Verdict

Cellucor P6 Ultimate GH is at the top of the P6 line, giving you the highest quality and effectiveness if you're willing to pay for it.

Indeed, this testosterone booster delivers amazing results such as:

  • Improved stamina and enhanced tissues
  • Perfect balance between burning fat and developing muscles
  • Steady waistline decrease and gradual increase in workout time

However, remember that this is one of the most expensive testosterone boosters on the market.

Also, we strongly encourage you to contact your local health care professional to ensure you avoid experiencing any side effects.

Besides that, you won't regret this purchase once you develop those muscles you've been desiring. If you are looking for instant results, it is a MUST-BUY!

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