Do Bodybuilders Live Longer Than Average? (The Truth)

In the past, bodybuilders were focused on growing their muscles as much as possible, and would often be seen in strength competitions with one another.

However, the definition of a bodybuilder is a little more inclusive nowadays. It isn’t all about flexing muscles and becoming the biggest, bulkiest version of yourself possible, but generally refers to anyone who is working on their physical form.

This includes taking the steps to improve diet, reach new strength goals, or even achieve better cardio speeds.

The modern world has seen a great deal of changes in the bodybuilding community, and this includes the role of steroids that can have severe effects on the body.

This guide will cover some effects of long-term bodybuilding on the body, and how it can impact someone’s life expectancy.

Do Bodybuilders Live Longer

What Are Bodybuilders?

Bodybuilders are groups of people who are committed to becoming the most strong and powerful versions of themselves. They enjoy pushing their bodies beyond most people’s limits and are constantly achieving new personal bests.

There are several types of bodybuilders, those who use enhancers such as steroids, and those who try to fuel their bodies using natural resources. As a result of the increased interest in bodybuilding, more people are working towards new physical goals than before.

In order to cater to this, there are more steroid brands, preworkout supplements, and other enhancement ingredients on the market.

It is worth knowing the risks as well as the benefits that come with a lot of these types of supplements, and being aware of how your body might respond.

Steroids are widely known as a performance-enhancing supplements, and there are a lot of different types available to bodybuilders.

Generally, steroids were seen as a way to keep the body fueled and running as smoothly as possible.

However, it can become addictive, and some bodybuilders become obsessed with their appearance. This is because steroids can provide an experience of heightened senses, which will also increase anxieties and insecurities.

While they can be great at achieving new personal goals and keeping your body fueled for longer, it is worth considering the impact that regularly consuming steroids can have on a bodybuilder’s life expectancy.

Why Bodybuilders Might Have A Lower Life Expectancy

Because bodybuilders typically push their bodies a little more than the average person, it can be argued that they have a slightly lower-than-average life expectancy.

One of the main reasons behind the higher mortality rates is the increased stress placed on muscle tissue which can contribute to more structural damage in the long term.

Depending on the severity of the training and what muscles are being worked regularly, bodybuilding can also make the aging process more severe. They are more likely to suffer from aorta damage, which can contribute to more severe heart conditions.

In addition to the strain that intense amounts of regular exercise place on the heart, steroids are another risk factor worth considering when it comes to determining the average life expectancy of a bodybuilder.

Of course, steroids have been made to be used as a performance enhancer, and to allow the body to be more thoroughly fuelled. However, it is recommended that you carefully research the contents of any performance-enhancing drug or supplement, and check the recommended dose.

Try to avoid taking too much at once, and avoid regularly relying on steroids to get you through the day. There are some common side effects associated with steroid misuse.

These include mood swings, aggression, increased blood pressure, liver damage, and increased risk of developing heart conditions.

Some risks that are specific to women include changes to the menstrual cycle, shrinking of the breasts, deeper voice, and body hair growth. Males are more vulnerable to testicular shrinkage, pain when urinating, and infertility.

Bodybuilders Do Live Longer On Average

Is True Natural Bodybuilding Healthy or Not

In contrast, there seems to be more evidence in favor of the notion that bodybuilders do live longer than the average person.

The main reason for this is that they typically take better care of their bodies, and are more aware of minor changes.

As long as you are aware of the different types of supplements on the market, and understand how much your body needs in order to function properly, steroids and other performance enhancers can help you reach new personal goals.

The biggest risk that comes with steroids is misuse which happens when you use it too frequently or consume more than your body can handle on a regular basis.

Some have argued that it’s the supplements and even steroids that are believed to make bodybuilders live longer, as well as the increased physical activity that they regularly engage in.

However, it is worth ensuring that your body can function properly following a protein-rich diet before considering using steroids or other supplements.

Regular exercise is never a bad thing, and being aware of body changes as well as areas for improvement can help maintain regular bodily functions. These include digestion, hormone distribution, and fitness in general.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your questions answered.

What Is The Best Age For Bodybuilding?

Try not to start too young, because it is worth allowing for puberty and adolescence to take their natural course. That said, between ages 17-25, you'll be in a good place to start your bodybuilding journey. This is because muscle repair is naturally high, and you will be able to recover easily.

What Are The Other Risks Associated With Bodybuilding?

Bodybuilders are a lot more likely to develop body dysmorphia. This is when their internalized image of themselves isn’t realistic. It can cause a great deal of strain on their mental health, and create a lot of anxiety and even depression


Overall, there are a lot of risk factors that come with a bodybuilder’s lifestyle that can have their toll on a person’s average life expectancy. These include diet, steroids, and excessive exercise which is often fueled by body image issues.

As long as a healthy, sustainable diet and exercise balance is achieved, there is no reason why a bodybuilder will not live longer than the average person.

Taking the time to work on physical form and engage in challenging competitions can allow an improved sense of self-confidence.

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