Go Figure Studio is Now A Part of HealthEd Academy

HealthEd Academy is happy to announce its acquisition of the domain Go Figure Studio.

Go Figure Studio is a barre fitness studio with locations in New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. The studio chain specializes in dance fitness using The Figure Method, which utilizes classical ballet techniques alongside orthopedic poses, pilates, and yoga to strengthen, tone, and condition. HealthEd Academy is excited to diversify its reach to different fitness programs and which supplements and legal steroids can be useful in this field.

HealthEd Academy was originally established to help demystify the misinformation that came with fitness supplements and SARMs. The goal was to help people understand each supplement’s functions, how they work, and the way they can be integrated into one’s lifestyle and fitness program.

Steve Price created the Academy as an avenue for him to help share his knowledge on the relationship between fitness and nutrition and the role supplements take in that balance.

Knowing that there weren’t many reliable spaces to discuss supplements, Price used his blog to relay facts-based information on the different products available in the market. This way, no bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts would be duped into purchasing the wrong HGH products for example. It also helps them create realistic goals and expectations with their program.

Over time, HealthEd Academy has developed into a resource website for all things fitness and testosterone supplements. The blog provides information on supplements like growth hormones, selective androgen receptors (SARMS), legal steroids, and testosterone.

It gives information on how to use these supplements concerning their fitness programs properly. These supplements’ actual function and actions were looked into to help readers make informed choices when purchasing these products.

Readers have used HealthEd Academy to help direct them to reliable vendors and manufacturers and gather updates on the latest supplement and fitness news.

Although supplements are for all types of fitness programs, they are most associated with bodybuilding and muscle growth. Though both men and women enjoy bodybuilding, it is mostly associated with males. In turn, most of the supplement market is consumed by male fitness junkies.

Knowing that fitness supplements can help many people, one of HealthEd Academy’s missions is to expand the public's awareness and knowledge. It aims to bridge the gap of supplement use between men and women.

The introduction to Go Figure Studio was instrumental in the understanding of women's fitness trends. Go Figure Studio specializes in barre fitness programs, which tones and strengthens muscles through bodyweight activities, yoga and pilates, and classical ballet techniques.

The studio’s unique fitness approach effectively catered to a group of fitness enthusiasts people previously not exposed to. Most bodybuilders aim to achieve pronounced muscle formation. Patrons of Go Figure Studio preferred subtler ways to show off their gains.

Thus, HealthEd Academy and Go Figure Studio have decided to work together as their interests complement each other. They believe that this partnership will help more people find ways to reach their fitness goals through supplements education and more options in choosing fitness programs.

As most of Go Figure Studios’ clientele are women, the Academy hopes to introduce and educate them on supplements that complement their current fitness goals to help them go the extra mile. This can also help dispel any misconceptions that come with growth hormones, SARMs, and legal steroids.

“I started this blog to help bodybuilders,” says HealthEd Academy founder Steve Price, “but bodybuilders aren’t the only ones who can benefit from nutrition supplements. I think everybody wanting to achieve their dream figure or has a fitness goal can benefit from them.”

Expanding our domain to Go Figure Studios is the first step in that huge goal. Most of our readers are male, so it would be interesting to see how women respond to this domain acquisition and the website’s information.

Overall, I hope that they are open-minded about nutrition supplements. They get a lot of bad rep because of so much misinformation. But educating them is the first step to get rid of that bad imagery. This is definitely the next step in our business, and I’m excited to see where it will take me.”

HealthEd Academy is a health and fitness blog headquartered in New Jersey, USA. The blog provides information and resources on various supplements for fitness beginners and junkies alike.

Although the blog began by focusing on bodybuilding supplements, it has transformed into learning the effect of supplements on overall health and wellness. It provides news reports, reviews, vendor recommendations, and everything under the sun about personal fitness.

The information provided by HealthEd Academy is not a substitute for advice from health care professionals. Please consult a health care provider before beginning to use any of the supplements stated on the website.

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