P.E. With Joe The Body Coach

At P.E. with Joe, we have a vision for you and your families to be always healthy and positive no matter the circumstances and what fitness journey you are in.

Given the pandemic and all, the home is still the best place to spend time with your family while becoming fitter, healthier, and happier. What better way to do that than doing workouts with P.E. with Joe?

Who says only adults need a body coach? Even kids should have one unless parents can keep up with their energy without worrying about their balance.

Having a coach helps kids and their families start with the basic exercises and advance to the next level. No thinking, “What body exercises shall we do today?”

P.E. with Joe does the list for you and your kids.

Who Is Joe Wicks?

Dragging his dumbbells with him, Joe Wicks handed out flyers at the local train station trying to invite people for his bootcamps in the park. While often, no one came, his brand’s mission, The Body Coach, would not give up just like that.

Ten years later, he had already transformed 600,000 lives with his various programs on the online platform. His #Leanin15 Instagram posts have hundreds of thousands of followers, and he could not be more proud to see people succeed in his 90 Day Plan all without taking SARMs.

Suffice it to say, he has been active in his social media platforms and HealthEd Academy, but for the 600,000 clients whose lives have been transformed, he is one overrated body coach.

In 10 years, he has been helping people, and no matter the time, he is ready to start your health journey with you and optimize your testosterone levels. Would you like to check one of his 4 million books sold or YouTube videos with 80 million views?

If how he spends the money, he gets from all these piques your curiosity, Joe Wick was able to raise £500,000 for the NHS Charities Together. His mission is for everyone’s life to become better.

About PE With Joe

Challenge and adversity triggered the birth of P.E. with Joe on 23rd March 2020. The coronavirus pandemic has caused the UK lockdown and establishments including schools were closed.

Joe thought kids could not be just confined at home and stuck on the chair. They have to be moving and active to optimize their health and HGH levels.

After a quick plan, here comes P.E. with Joe on YouTube providing free live workouts for kids and their families from Monday to Friday.

Unlike how he started his brand, P.E. with Joe blasted off to success just on its first day where 900,000 families all over the world joining the live videos. It even broke the world record for the largest streamed workout on YouTube on its second day with 955,000 families taking part.

P.E. with Joe is a fun workout tool designed for people of all ages without having to take legal steroids. You just need to spare a few minutes of your day to tune into the channel and you will get more energised and optimistic as ever.

Where to Find Joe?

Spending more time at home should be fun while doing PE with Joe workouts on YouTube.

All you have to do is to tune in to the channel and let Coach Joe help you kickstart you and your family’s fitness journey.

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