The Iron Samurai Is Now Part of HealthEd Academy

The Iron Samurai is a personal blog with a compilation of random topics and musings. Its prior owner, Nick Horton, coined himself as The Iron Samurai, who believes in the zen and the balance of everything.

Nick Horton is a musician, also a math-geek, a blogger, and an Olympic Weightlifting coach. The combination of his passions made him develop The Iron Samurai blog and write many articles on anything under the sun. 

The Iron Samurai also serves as his content management system, which he mentioned as his way of storing information that he can later use.

The Iron Samurai blog is composed of the following categories:

  • Fitness Blogs
  • Poetry

As Nick Horton is an Olympic Weightlifting coach, he also previously writes weightlifting related stuff on The Iron Samurai website, which was later transferred to a different website. All that is left in The Iron Samurai page are the two categories that were earlier mentioned.

With The Iron Samurai’s variety of readers and its high possibilities to increase website traffic, HealthEd Academy pursues its acquisition.

HealthEd Academy is a bodybuilding and fitness blog owned by Steve Price to help people achieve well-being and learn the truth about nutrition and fitness. According to Price, the internet is full of false information. It is sometimes misleading, which is why HealthEd Academy was created to enlighten readers and be part of the few legit fitness and bodybuilding websites.

This is true as many fitness coaches nowadays are out there with their websites full of misleading information or endorsement of products in the form of articles that lack vital information.

In HealthEd Academy, each blog is thoroughly researched. Each product review also has accurate descriptions, mechanism of action, effects, benefits, dosages, administration, user experiences, side effects, frequently asked questions, and the like.

The HealthEd Academy website is all about health and not about the latest trends of get-thin-quick products. Every article is well-researched, making it helpful and substantial to its readers. HealthEd Academy also highlights the following:

HealthEd Academy guides its readers about the legal steroids and the best SARMs in the market that are suited for workouts and bodybuilding. It is one of the best resources for those who are interested in increasing their testosterone and human growth hormones (HGH). They also offer specific nutrition plans that help readers achieve their fitness goals. 

Its owner promotes HealthEd Academy to those fitness beginners and experienced bodybuilders and athletes. They help beginners start their fitness journey and the advanced ones to overcome their reached bodybuilding plateau, experiencing no further development or change.

HealthEd Academy is designed to help people feel their gains and guide them by providing a wide range of helpful articles on their nutrition and fitness journey.

Steve Price also mentioned, “with the knowledge I gain from my degree in Fitness and Nutrition Science, as well as my fitness coaching experiences in my studio and the HealthEd Academy blog, I realized that I’m not reaching as many people as I like. I could not cater to many clients with my studio, and I have limited related topics that I can write in my fitness and bodybuilding blog. I know that there are more people who could benefit from my advice. That is why I decided to acquire the domain The Iron Samurai to reach more people than I could before”.

Price also added that his enjoyment in the challenges in keeping his clients motivated and educated about the role of diet and nutrition in fitness and health led him also to expand his horizon, resulting in his interest in The Iron Samurai domain.

Since the owner of the HealthEd Academy’s mission is to help people have a healthier and better life, Steve Price mentioned that the acquisition of domain The Iron Samurai would allow him to share more health, fitness, and wellness topics. 

Price also added that the acquisition would expand his reach with the combination of HealthEd Academy’s and The Iron Samurai’s readership and website visits.

The completeness of the information on HealthEd Academy’s website can now be expected the same in The Iron Samurai blog. A few months from now, The Iron Samurai is expected to have more related content to fitness, nutrition, and well-being.

According to Price, he is open to exploring other relevant topics and put into blogging his new coaching knowledge and experiences. As Price would like to implement the same format as the HealthEd Academy’s website, there are other categories the readers can look out for in The Iron Samurai.

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