Training Science Is Now Part of HealthEd Academy

Richard Gibbens developed Training Science as an excellent and comprehensive source for research-based exercise science application to strength and endurance training methods. Its built credibility to its readers led to HealthEd Academy’s acquisition of the domain of Training Science.

There are various resources about strength and endurance on the internet, but very few were widely researched and are from credible resources. Fitness and health are sensitive issues that enthusiasts of these topics require further readings and look for trusted bloggers before applying a specific recommendation in their daily routine.

Training Science’s former owner noticed the lack of credible information on most websites and the accessibility of athletes and fitness enthusiasts to the latest strength and endurance research data.

Gibbens realized that the long list of research studies in the past years is untapped and is mostly unknown outside the physiological community. He then decided to create the Training Science blog to provide the most updated physiology research applied in the website’s recommended exercise methods and performance training.

Training Science became a credible blog, as all of its recommended training methods and ideas presented are science-based. This also differentiates Traning Science apart from other similar blogs as it is not opinion-based, which is mostly the typical blogging style that most athletes and fitness enthusiasts are familiar with.

Training Science was categorized in the following sections:

  • Strength
  • Endurance

Both sections were subdivided into physiology and training sections. The research data of facts, conclusions, and theories highlighted in the physiological section were used to discuss and propose training methods under the training section.

The strength section focuses on reviews and analysis of the current physiological and training information about strength, muscle function, and size maximization. The strength section is for those who want to get stronger and have a bigger body.

The endurance section has discussions, reviews, and analysis of the basics, endurance physiology, and training. In particular, running is more emphasized in this section. The following are also discussed in the endurance section:

  • running economy
  • muscle factors
  • lactate threshold
  • VO2max
  • central governor model
  • dose-response

The endurance section is for readers who want to optimize their endurance performance. It is for those who wish to discover more about the human body’s intricacies concerning endurance performance.

Training Science’s shared latest research and well-thought exercise physiology and training methods are clear and understandable. One could benefit from these tips in achieving the absolute best performance.

Training Science’s mission of helping more people is aligned with HealthEd Academy’s goal of providing people with the truths about fitness and nutrition amidst the misinformation widely spreading on the internet.

Steve Price created HealthEd Academy as a bodybuilding and fitness blog that highlights health and well-being. Price is a degree holder in Fitness and Nutrition Science and a fitness coach before developing the HealthEd Academy blog.

One time when he was immensely enjoying helping his clients in his studio, he realized that he is not reaching as many people as he can to help. He also has limited topics in his blog, which pushed him to acquire related credible domains to reach more audiences, be it beginners or advanced athletes, bodybuilders, and health enthusiasts who can benefit from expert fitness and wellness advice.

HealthEd Academy was devised to help people feel their gains and guide them by providing helpful holistic reviews on bodybuilding products and numerous articles about fitness and nutrition. The following are the categories that can be found on the HealthEd Academy’s website:

Each article and product review is well-researched and discusses the product’s mechanism of action, usage, benefits, effects, drug administration, dosages, user reviews and experiences, and possible side effects. The blogs are mostly added with bonus frequently asked questions for the reader’s further information and clarification.

Aside from product highlights, fitness articles, and reviews, HealthEd Academy also provides its readers with nutrition plans to help them attain their fitness and wellness goals.

One of HealthEd Academy’s goals is to enlighten its readers with legit fitness and bodybuilding information. This characteristic of credibility is the same as that of Training Science.

Price shared in a press release that HealthEd Academy, together with the Training Science domain name, can keep the readers educated and motivated in attaining their fitness, performance, and health goals.

Price also said that HealthEd Academy’s acquisition of the domain would expand his website’s readership, which is expected to increase website traffic. Training Science will have more related content to fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition, and well-being. Other plans for the domain acquisition is the inclusion of recommending trusted fitness products.

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