SARMsPharm Review: Are They Legit Or Scammers?

As SARMs are known as the big muscle drug and a much safer choice over steroids, different vendors worldwide offer this product.

Let’s take a look at one of these vendors named SARMsPharm.

SARMsPharm is based in the United States and claims itself to be the best USA SARMs supplier.

In this SARMsPharm analysis, we will help you check if their claims match their actual offers from products to testing, pricing, shipping, and customer reviews.

SARMsPharm Overview

Unlike any other vendor’s website, SARMsPharm does not provide details about the company.

Their site is focused on providing information on its products. It does not give any other contact details like phone number and email address.

SARMsPharm does not do the usual ways of introducing a company to gain its customer’s trust. This includes complete About Us, Location, and Contact Details sections. SARMsPharm only offers a contact form on their site where clients can reach them.

Their main highlight is to deliver the product details to their readers. Even if you would like to search more about SARMsPharm, there’ll be no other information online (none that we are aware of).

SARMsPharm In-Depth Analysis

As we have little information about the company, let’s now focus on the other details.

A disclaimer has been placed on their website saying that their products are not intended to treat any condition and is not for human consumption.

This statement made it clear that what SARMs Pharm offers are intended for research purposes only.

Product Selection and Quality

SARMsPharm divided their products into two categories, which are liquid and powder SARMs.

Despite the options for your preferred form, their range is limited to only eight products:

  • Andarine (S-4)
  • Cardarine (GW-501516)
  • Ibutamoren (MK-677)
  • Ligandrol (LGD-4033)
  • Testolone (RAD-140)
  • Stenabolic (SR-9009)
  • YK-11
  • S-23

This limited lineup makes SARMsPharm not an ideal supplier for those who need other SARM product to be included in their stack.

Customers will have to look for other suppliers, which will entail additional shipping costs and is not time-efficient.

Among all SARMs, Osterine is the most popular, which, unfortunately, is also not available with SARMsPharm.

In terms of quality, they assert to provide their customers with the purest pharmaceutical grade SARMs. However, half of the reviews online don’t speak of the company’s quality products.

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Lab Testing & Results

SARMsPharm mentioned on their site that their SARMs were tested using HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) and GC/MS to guarantee its quality and standards.

lab testing and results

They have added that each order they provide contains an analysis certificate for each product purchased.

As per the lab tests, SARMsPharm provides updated third-party HPLC testing from Colmaric Analytical for raw powder samples only.

The technicalities of these claims were not further discussed to help their consumers understand the specifics.

Pricing and Payment Methods

SARMsPharm’s pricing is the cheapest in the SARMs market.

If you are on a tight budget and needs Ligandrol (LGD 4033), you might opt to purchase these products from them as it is half the price compared with other vendors.

LGD 4033’s liquid form costs $39.99 (30 ml bottle), and its powder form is priced at $164.99 for 5 grams.

This price seems to be a great deal. Still, most of the premium and promising vendors with high volumes of positive reviews have never offered a price so low if you analyze it further.

Their ingredients were mostly natural, safe, and with proven results. This means that SARMsPharm might cut any of these aspects to make their products a lot cheaper.

For payment options, SARMsPharm no longer accepts debit or credit card payments since August 2020.

For order checkouts, a prompt to choose between Zelle and Bitcoin will be the only payment option for you.

This payment method is limited but seems to work with their clients and not for everybody.

Customer Support

SARMsPharm’s customer support seems to be sufficient, based on the number of consumer testimonials.

For clients to fill out complaints, an email form is provided in their site’s Contact Us section.

customer support

If you need an urgent response or a critical concern regarding your purchased SARMs, make sure to expect delays. There are no other contact details provided in which you may call or an address where you can visit.

This makes it difficult for a consumer to reach SARMsPharm if a serious problem came to the surface. These also make them less authentic and less credible to be a SARMs vendor.

Shipping and Return Policies

Indicated on their website is a free shipping cost if you order over $100 from them. You can also order at wholesale prices.

Once you’ve completed the checkout process, expect your orders to arrive within two working days.

shipping and return policies

It will take two to five days in USPS transit for USA customers and only two to three days for priority mail transit.

Return guideline is applicable only on certain conditions, differs from product to product, and takes weeks to be examined.

It will be a frustrating process for a consumer, and worst, they might not be refunded at all.

Website Quality

The SARMsPharm website portrays a professional look. It is direct to the point, and visitors can easily navigate.

It positively stands out from other SARMs website that is bombarded with cliche bodybuilder photos and hard-to-navigate buttons.

This sleek vibe might be aimed at clients in the research community who has a higher knowledge of SARMs already.

For an ordinary SARM consumer, their site is lacking the educational aspect.

Does SARMsPharm Offer Discounts? asks for a coupon code for returning buyers before they make their payment.

They also give an instant 10% off if buyers use Bitcoin as the payment option.

Is SARMsPharm Legit?

For a sensitive product like SARMs, users must assure a vendor’s legitimacy.

One way to do this is to check customer feedback. A vendor must attain a 90% consumer satisfaction rate to guarantee that it provides quality SARMs.

Their claim to have the highest quality products is not consistent with their customer satisfaction.

In this case, it is recommended to search for other vendors with a proven track record. There are more credible vendors to buy from such as Chemyo, so you do not risk yourself getting severe side effects from using low-quality SARMs.

Customer Feedback

As their website highlights numerous positive experiences that are short, it will make you doubtful why there are no negative experiences, at least a few.

You might also wonder why it’s not lengthy and thorough like the normal ones.

As they maintain the only positive ones on their site, you will see as many negative ones if you look further online for a SARMsPharm experience.

These divided consumer perceptions make them less credible and less trustworthy.

Best Alternative SARMs Vendor

There are other better options in the SARMs market like Chemyo.

Chemyo is way trustworthy and has established strong credibility.

Chemyo has a broader consumer reach and many positive comments showcasing a high satisfaction rate.

Their products’ ingredients, price, shipping process, refund policy, and proven effectiveness speak of its high quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered here:

Are SarmsPharm’s products safe? 

There is no definitive answer to this question since SARMs are not approved by the FDA for human consumption. However, SarmsPharm claims that their products are safe and effective when used as directed.

What are some of the benefits of using SARMs?

SARMs are believed to help build muscle mass, increase bone density, and improve athletic performance. They are also said to have fewer side effects than anabolic steroids.

How long does it take to see results?

The time it takes to see results from using SARMs will vary depending on the specific product you are using and your individual goals. However, most people report seeing noticeable changes within 4-6 weeks of starting a cycle.

How do I know if I’m buying a legitimate product from SarmsPharm?

To ensure that you’re buying a legitimate product from SarmsPharm, make sure that you’re purchasing directly from their website or an authorized reseller.


We conclude that this vendor is not recommendable.

Despite the cheap and the quality SARMs they claim to offer, it is not matched with consumers’ reviews that can be found outside their website.

Price also is a primary indicator of quality. A lower price means that the quality is compromised to lessen the cost.

SARMsPharm is true to offer cheap SARMs but were not sure if, in the long run, its low price will take a toll on its user’s health.

SARMsPharm is also not a credible vendor. It lacks transparency on its website and essential information that proves its authenticity.

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