Prime Labs Prime Test Review: Does This Natural Testosterone Booster Work?

Are you thinking of leveling up your workout muscle gain and sexual performance?

Maybe, you just want to simply boost testosterone levels?

Yet, you haven't found a product review that would satisfy your curiosity. This Prime Labs Prime Test review might be the perfect article for you.

You'll get to know this product from its ins and outs, so read through!

What is Prime Labs Prime Test?

Prime Labs Prime Test Review: Does This Natural Testosterone Booster Work? 1

Prime Labs, the leading distributor of wellness products for men, developed one of their dietary supplements called Prime Test.

Their product is in caplet form that features high-quality ingredients, effectiveness, and gives hard gains.

This testosterone booster is vegan, drug-free, and made from an FDA-approved facility that promises an increase in free testosterone levels to help buildup muscle gains during a workout.

More than that, the product also claims an elevated sex drive and overall better performance.

Prime Test's components are primarily herbal ingredients and natural ingredients, which are the extracts of Horny Goat Weed, Saw Palmetto, Sarsaparilla, Tongkat Ali (powder), and Nettle.


  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Produced in an FDA-approved facility
  • Affordable price


  • With orchic substance
  • No specific amount of ingredients (proprietary blend)
ImagePrime Test
ProductPrime Test
Product TypeBodybuilding supplement
ManufacturerPrime Labs
EffectsAssists recovery and improves mood, focus, stamina, and vitality
Potential Side EffectsDizzines, upset stomach, vomiting, palpitation
Dosage2 caplets once or twice a day
Content60 caplets
Money Back Guarantee30 days
Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.6/5
Official WebsiteClick Here ›

How Does Prime Labs Prime Test Men's Testosterone Booster Work in the Body?

Prime Labs Prime Test work as a natural test booster. It was formulated with key ingredients that help increase stamina and strength.

For men, using this testosterone booster also means having more energy in workout sessions (and night outs, too!).

Experts say that the testosterone level in a man's body determines masculinization, and having a test booster like this can help men and gymgoers.

What are the Benefits of Prime Labs Prime Test?

When taking this supplement, you will not just have an increase in natural testosterone levels; you will also have other benefits!

These are what you can benefit from this testosterone booster:

  • Mood, energy, natural stamina, and strength booster
  • Focus and cognitive performance
  • Sex performance
  • Healthy hormone balance
  • Better recovery
  • Helps with benign prostatic hyperplasia

Prime Labs Prime Test Reviews and Customer Feedback

On Prime Labs' official website, there is generally positive feedback.

Their customers express admiration for the product's value for money, effects on energy, motivation, losing belly fat, and gaining muscles.

Here are some:

"Overall, great supplement for the price. Noticeable energy boost, motivation to get in the gym, and big jump in performance." - Anonymous, Official Website

"Totally exceptional results. I have lost tons of excess fat on my body, muscles built up, energy level are up." - Anonymous, Official Website

"I find these pills work best for muscle gain and strength. I enjoy the gains I get when lifting with this supplement" - Anonymous, Official Website

What Results Can You Expect from Prime Labs Prime Test?

Prime Labs testosterone booster guarantees exceptional results like the following:

  • Melts belly fat and fatty acids for muscles and increases test levels
  • Noticeable energy boost for natural stamina, which increases motivation
  • Keeps a healthy prostate that helps with benign hyperplasia
  • Supports libido, which improves sexual performance

Where to Buy Prime Labs Prime Test?

To ensure that you can get the results as promised by the product, see that you buy from their official website.

You can also visit their official store on Amazon! There are also well-reviewed dealers on eBay selling this product. Remember to verify before clicking that CHECKOUT button.

How Much Does Prime Labs Prime Test Cost?

On their official website, their product prices range from $17.99 to $50.99. Here's a breakdown of the costs:

  • $19.99 for one pack
  • $33.99 for two packs
  • $50.99 for three packs

Buyers who will subscribe to their website can have a 10% discount:

  • $17.99 for one pack
  • $30.59 for two packs
  • $45.89 for three packs

Does Prime Labs Prime Test Have a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, Prime Labs Prime Test has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you encounter issues with the product you bought or are unsatisfied, they'll give your money back.

However, there's a 10% processing fee per item you return. Also specified on their website are these return policy conditions:

  • Return items with the original packaging
  • Damaged items may cause a partial or complete retraction of the refund
  • Customers will shoulder the non-refundable shipping fee of returned items
  • Returns and exchanges are only limited to orders within the USA
  • Returns must reach the warehouse within 45 days

How Can You Contact the Manufacturer?

If you have questions, recommendations, or clarifications, contact them through their e-mail:

You can also fill out a form on their website and send it directly to their customer support team.

Unfortunately, aside from stating that they have an FDA-approved facility in the USA, their complete address can't be found anywhere.

What are the Ingredients in Prime Labs Prime Test?

This testosterone booster is a proprietary blend, meaning the exact mixture of ingredients is hidden from the general public.

Prime Labs Prime Test Review: Does This Natural Testosterone Booster Work? 2

Most dietary supplements follow this preparation method. However, you need not worry because the FDA has access to the specific proportion in the proprietary blend.

Moreover, one thing we are sure of, the proprietary blend of this testosterone booster includes the following ingredients:

  • Horny Goat Weed Extract -This is an herb specie that has been known for its help in erectile dysfunction and libido. When ingested orally, experts say it can be safe for short-term usage. Although there are insufficient scientific data to back this claim, this ingredient can help blood flow and sexual function. From the label horny, you may think that it can directly increase testosterone, yet, there is not enough evidence.
best testosterone booster herbs horny goat weed
  • Saw Palmetto Extract -This extract has benefits for a healthy prostate, testosterone production, and hair loss. It can be safely taken orally within three years. However, you can use it longer if you take it in small amounts. The longevity of safe usage will rely upon the product's proportions. Also, some people may experience side effects when ingesting it. Some will feel dizzy, nauseous, and have headaches and diarrhea.
  • Sarsaparilla -The extract from Sarsaparilla comes from its roots. It's a plant that guarantees a helping hand in autoimmune diseases because it has been tested to lessen inflammation. However, Sarsaparilla has never been proven to be a T-booster. There are also unconfirmed statements saying that using this ingredient can cause stomach irritation. Nevertheless, that claim only applies to large consumptions. Relatively small ingestions of Sarsaparilla can be safe.
  • Tongkat Ali Extract -Also known as longjack, this ingredient has been a Southeast Asian staple. It's incorporated in Asian medicines and other natural products. Experts say that it enhances libido. It also reinforces male fertility and increases testosterone. It has been documented by experts that low test impacts energy. Hence, it not just elevates testosterone count but also improves your mood.
  • Nettle Extract -This ingredient is common in every testosterone booster. Even though some people can experience constipation and an upset stomach, this ingredient has valuable materials for men's prostate health. It can also be safely consumed within a year if taken in small amounts.
nettle leaf
  • Wild Yam Extract -Wild Yam is often found in female supplements as it has plant steroids and diosgenin for estrogen production. Although it's safe to consume for up to twelve weeks, it's still a question why this ingredient is included in T booster products for men. You may also want a piece of professional medical advice because it may cause headaches and vomiting if consumed in large portions.
  • Other Ingredients - Aside from the mentioned ingredients, Prime Labs testosterone booster also has boron amino acid chelate that boosts testosterone levels. It does not have Vitamin D that is present in other T boosters, but instead, has an orchic substance or, in layman's terms, a substance extracted from cow's testicles. Orchic substance is often tagged as an ingredient that naturally increases test levels and is used by men to escalate sex drive. However, there are no scientific proofs for these claims.

What are the Side Effects of Prime Labs Prime Test?

Reaction to ingredients in this product may vary from one consumer to another. However, here are some side effects that you may possibly encounter:

  • Dizziness from Saw Palmetto and Horny Goat Weed
  • Upset stomach from Nettle
  • Vomiting from Wild Yam
  • Palpitation after an intense workout

How to Take Prime Labs Prime Test Booster Supplement?

This test booster is packaged in caplets. Based on their packaging instructions, you can take it orally.

Prime Labs Prime Test Review: Does This Natural Testosterone Booster Work? 3

Unfortunately, they don't have specific instructions on when to take the supplement. However, reviews show that you may have trouble sleeping when you take it in the afternoon.

Also, we suggest that you take a light meal before taking the supplement.

What is the Recommended Dosage for Prime Labs Prime Test?

The manufacturers recommend taking 2 caplets orally once or twice a day.

Yet, some consumers who have stomach problems use only 1/4 or 1/2 of the recommended dosage and increase it as needed when their stomachs have adjusted.

What are the Best Alternatives to Prime Labs Prime Test Testosterone Booster?

If ever you do not want the orchic substance in Prime Labs' T booster product, you can have this alternative instead:


Testoprime is one of the products that promises to increase testosterone. This product has disclosed ingredients, unlike Prime Labs' T booster's proprietary blend.

Their website publicized their FDA-approved ingredients with unique proportions. Here are some:

  • 2000 mg D-aspartic acid for testosterone
  • 8000 mg Panax Ginseng for increased energy
  • 668 mg KSM 66 Ashwagandha extract for muscles
  • 800 mg Fenugreek for sexual function
  • Vitamin D for enhanced mood

They also have a 100% lifetime guarantee without the hassle of strict procedures compared to Prime Labs policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

We have answers to some of your questions in this article. However, we recommend you ask a qualified medical professional for their opinion.

Is Prime Labs Prime Test safe?

Yes. It is made from an FDA-approved facility. Generally, it's safe to ingest orally. However, they did not reveal the proportion of natural ingredients and herbal ingredients in this one, and there's the questionable inclusion of an orchic substance.

How long does it take for Prime Labs Prime Test to work?

The product does not promise instant effects. In reality, some users stated that they felt the guaranteed results of this product for about two weeks from the moment they started using it.

Do testosterone boosters work?

A study from the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine shows that test boosters may have little to no effects. Scientific evidence shows that out of all test booster products on the market, only less than 25% are evidence-based.

Should I take a test booster?

Yes, you can take a test-level booster. It will depend on your preferences; on what makes you feel good, motivated, and energized. Just make sure to choose supplements with a safe and natural formula. You can also consult doctors for their expert opinion.

Are all test boosters the same? What brand is the best?

No. Test boosters differ depending on the ingredients used in them. Different brands use different ingredients and you need to choose what works the best for you. Prime Labs' men's test booster is a good choice for a test booster and comes in at an affordable price.

Prime Labs Prime Test Review Conclusion

After all the information above, if you still want a T booster with herbal ingredients and orchic substance at an affordable price, you can choose this Prime Labs product.

However, if you're more comfortable knowing what's exactly inside your supplement with FDA-approved ingredients, this one might not be for you.

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