HGH for Weight Loss: Learn the Truth

Whether you like it or not, weight gain is inevitable. While there's nothing wrong with gaining weight, left alone, it could lead to obesity.

Today, we'll discuss why using human growth hormone (HGH) for weight loss can be vital for your journey.

Keep reading, and let's go through this journey together.

Is HGH the Secret to Weight Loss?

Unfortunately, weight gain often amounts to a decrease in growth hormone. This results in a slow down of your metabolism and fat retention. [R]

is hgh the secret to weight loss

If you suffer from hormone deficiency, losing weight might even be a struggle for you. Sometimes, a proper diet might not be enough anymore.

If you're experiencing the same problem, then HGH therapy should pique your interest.

Recently, there's been a lot of discussion about using human growth hormone therapy and how it aids in losing weight.

Study shows that people who undergo HGH therapy experience fat loss. Soon enough, they develop a lean muscle mass composition. [R]

In the study, people noticed a significant improvement with their body's outward and inward appearance.

Effectivity of HGH for Weight Loss

We're sure you're wondering what all the fuss is about. HGH popularity is increasing here and there. Is HGH as effective as they make it for weight loss? The answer is yes!

effectivity of hgh for weight loss

Problems with weight can be associated with having low growth hormone levels in your body. The lower growth hormone levels you have, the harder it is for you to lose weight.

In this case, growth hormone deficiency is your number one enemy.

With HGH therapy, you can increase your growth hormone levels. As a result, you shouldn't have a hard time with your weight loss journey!

Once you go through HGH therapy, the first improvement you'll see is the loss in abdominal fat. After that, you'll see improvements in other parts of your body.

Men tend to see faster results in terms of lowering their body fat mass. In comparison, women, on the other hand, have to be a little more patient with the results. Nonetheless, the results are the same.

It's also worth mentioning that HGH therapy isn't a dietβ€”the reason why HGH therapy aids in losing weight is its effects.

It speeds up or improves metabolism, resulting in decreased body fat mass, better lipolysis, and increased muscle mass.

HGH Therapy for Managing Obesity

People experiencing obesity can benefit from HGH therapy. [R]

Like what we've mentioned earlier, HGH levels have a direct relation with weight loss. Having a low growth hormone level can lead to increased body fat, fat retention, and higher leptin levels.

With the help of HGH therapy, metabolism starts to rev up. Once this happens, its side effects are unstoppable.

There will be a noticeable decrease in fat cell volume and leptin production. Triglycerides also start to break down for energy.

HGH also has some positive side effects on the lipolysis and lipogenesis enzymes. These two enzymes are responsible for fat reduction.

Once the triglycerides are broken down and turned to fatty acids, HGH therapy inhibits lipoprotein lipase. As a result, this encourages the body to convert fatty acids to energy.

People suffering from obesity also risk having cardiovascular diseases. This is especially true once the body has an elevated fat mass.

With HGH therapy, there's less risk for cardiovascular diseases. Free fatty acids are removed and inhibit lipoprotein lipase.

HGH Therapy: How to Maximize the Results and Weight Loss

During the entire period of your weight loss journey using HGH therapy, you'll need to watch out for yourself.

You can eat specific types of food to supplement HGH therapy. You might also want to include some exercise routines for better muscle mass development.

Nutrition During the Therapy

HGH therapy isn't a diet for weight loss. It's a treatment that speeds up the metabolism, free fatty acids, reduces fat levels, and more.

nutrition during therapy

Nonetheless, nothing is stopping you from a calorie-restricted diet during the therapy.

Study shows that people who go through HGH therapy and have a hypo-caloric diet through HGH supplementation experience an accelerated fat loss.

To speed up your weight loss journey, be conscious of the nutrition you get.

  • Start eating healthy meals
  • Reduce your consumption of any processed and sugary foods
  • Focus eating lean protein
  • Always include a healthy portion of fruits and vegetables in your diet

Exercise During Therapy

One of the best ways to see improved results in your therapy is by exercise. You'd be surprised by how a 30-minute workout a few times a week can already do so much!

exercise during therapy

High-intensity interval training is beneficial: 20 to 30 minutes of cardio exercises in short bursts.

As long as you get your body moving, sweat all the fat out, you should be able to see the advantage of hormone replacement therapy in no time.

Safety of Using HGH Therapy for Weight Loss

HGH therapy is safe to use on adults experiencing growth hormone deficiency. Besides that, HGH therapy isn't recommended.

HGH therapy is only safe for adults diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency, no one else.

Generally, it's not ideal to use HGH therapy on adults who have normal growth hormone levels and only want to speed up their weight loss journey.

It won't lead to any of their desired results, and it may even come with unwanted and adverse side effects.

If you already have normal HGH levels, increasing it will only result in problematic side effects.

That is especially true for people who already have HGH levels and still use an HGH supplement such as CrazyBulk's HGH X2.

For example, when you use HGH supplements or injections even though you're not hormone deficient, you might experience the following side effects:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • High cholesterol
  • Insulin resistance
  • Pain on your joints, muscle, and nerves

Instead of reaching your overall weight loss goal, you might open yourself up to some risks when you use HGH therapy even if you're not hormone deficient.


If you're struggling to lose weight because you're hormone deficient, check out hormone replacement therapy or supplements that naturally increase HGH.

Sometimes, the problem might not be because of what you are or aren't doing. Your insulin-like growth factor might not be functioning correctly, and you don't have enough growth hormones.

With HGH therapy or a supplement like this one, you can enjoy the benefits of weight loss while at the same time, having enough growth hormone levels.

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